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By: Imran Ali
Silver is ideal for jewellery as its versatility is known to everyone. Affordability, luster and strength of the silver metal allow the jewellery makers to design the fascinating silver jewellery items like necklaces, bangles, earrings and bracelets. Design can be made in a wide variety and styles, ranging from contemporary to the traditional.

To achieve a wide range of great silver jewellery, designers are now working on different color combinations and polished states of silver. You can choose from the oxidized look to the rough matte look. Oxidized silver can be made with the chemical blackening of the silver. Besides this you can also find some jewellery items with antique look. You can find any type of jewellery whether you want smooth, shiny, rough or textured. As far as silver jewellery is concerned, one can simply say anything is possible.

Besides its own various styles, silver also gives a great look when used with crystals and other semi-precious stones. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver, mostly used in making of jewellery. It allows you to design a jewellery of your own style. You can make it trendy, casual, comfortable, bold, and elegant or what else you want it to be.

Other metal jewellery like gold and platinum is also there but the silver jewellery is unique in its own. Gold may not be suitable to all skin but the pure white color of silver is suitable to all skin types. Anyone can wear it from brunette to blonde. It grabs the attention of people as silver reflects the light better than other metals. Its luminous reflection brightens the eyes. It looks sophisticated and cool. A true individual look can be made by interchanging and matching different pieces of silver. An ordinary everyday necklace can be changed into formal wear by wearing matching silver bracelets and earrings with it.

Besides other jewellery items, silver pendants have their own place. They are the fascinating fashion accessory. It can also be on any chain, choker or leather thong. Any thing is possible as far as silver is concerned. Silver pendant gives a stunning look when it is combined with the crystals or gems. It can work with different outfits when you wear it with different chains or ribbons. Besides this you can make any type of experiment with the jewellery because of the affordability of silver.

Silver jewellery is the evergreen jewellery. Its styles never go out of fashion and it works for any occasion. One can wear earrings for office and dainty necklaces for casual wear. By this you can make your own jewellery collection. It is the first choice for young adults today. It is also gaining more popularity because teens are looking for the stylish jewellery which they can afford. Silver is the choice of modern man of today when it is combined with leather for bracelets and necklaces.

Silver can also be mixed with other metals like copper to make it more durable. Sterling silver gives you the opportunity to live in your own style due to its affordability.

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