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By: Imran Ali
It is true that with proper storage and care, jewellery can last long. If you purchase durable and quality handmade jewellery then you are investing your money right. This jewellery is a generations passing jewellery and remain fine in look and quality as the time passes. But it should be kept and used with great care so that it may be passed to next generation. The questions arise here regarding its maintenance and care. How you can retain it in a proper manner? Here are few guidelines which might help you to keep it in proper form.

Humidity is the main factor for tarnish. Tarnish may later be cleaned but there may be few spots which become difficult to be cleaned. This may destroy the beauty of your handmade jewellery. To store jewellery you should use an air tight pouch with jewellery box which keeps the humidity away from the jewellery. Each jewellery item should have its own air tight pouch which will safe it from scratches and tangles. Pouches like ‘fabric lined jewellery pouch’ helps to prevent tarnish and scratches as well. You can also use anti tarnish strips at your jewellery place which absorbs moisture. These strips must be replaced in intervals, regularly.

Be careful from reactive chemicals like salt water, bleach, other chemicals and accessories like hair spray, nail polish and thinner. Do not expose your jewellery to all these things. Wearing your handmade jewellery while using these kind of chemicals, can damage the jewellery. If you are doing make up and using some chemicals like nail polish, thinner etc then always wear the jewellery at the end which will not damage it. If you will wear the jewellery before make up, the colors of makeup accessories may hit and kill the natural look of the jewellery.

You must check the settings of your jewellery whenever you wear it. If you notice that any part or gem is loose from its place, put the whole item in plastic bag which may safe it from being lost, visit the jeweller who can fix the problem and make it ready to wear again.

Another important question is how to clean your handmade jewellery? Well, it should always be cleaned with soft brush or soft cloth. Cotton ball, tissues and their substitutes have fibres which may cause scratches on the jewellery. Especially the silver jewellery may get the scratches more frequently, because silver is a soft metal and tissue and cotton may scratch it more easily. Nowadays numerous cleaning solutions are available in market which are made for specific products. For instance. two different cleaners should be used for cleaning gold and silver because of the different nature of both metals. Some solutions can damage your jewellery if kept in contact for a longer time. Mild soap and water is recommended for some jewellery but is not suitable and must not be used for amber, emerald, coral, opal etc. Only the expert jeweller can give you accurate suggestions for cleaning handmade jewellery.

There are many sites on internet which provide you the best techniques which may help you to use, care, store and clean your jewelry more accurately and efficiently.

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