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By: Imran Ali
Handmade jewellery is a unique piece of art and is precious because it is created in desired shape, metal, gems which may be precious. This is the fact that who ever will order it, will order something special and distinctive. This is why your handmade jewellery becomes more special and more precious. Now, the question arises regarding the security of your favourite jewellery. Following are the tips which may save the jewellery from theft, loss and damage.

For keeping jewellery safe from theft, it should be kept in a jewellery box into a closet. Usually most of the people keep their jewellery in their dresser’s drawer to whom a thief check first. Else, one should also keep his bedroom closet lock all the time. The room which will have jewellery, quality locks must be used for better security. Most of thefts happen in day light because when the people of home go out for work or picnic, thieves get easy access to the home because they have no fear of being caught. So a home should be constructed in such a way that it may keep the thieves away from precious handmade jewellery and from other appliances as well. And if one is on vacation, one should tell the neighbour that in one’s absence they collect one’s newspapers and mail and look after one’s home. You should keep inside light and porch light ON which will create illusion to thief that some one is inside the home. While leaving the home it should be confirmed that the jewellery is kept in a secure location.

Keeping the precious handmade jewellery safe from loss it shouldn’t kept open. If the jewellery is not worn then it must be in a lock or in a safe place. Jewellery is only lost when it is open on tables, sofas and shelves as it easily disappears when, by mistake, is knocked on floor from shelf and is sucked by the vacuum cleaner or drained from the floor. If the handmade jewellery is bothering during the working hours then it shouldn’t be kept in pocket or messy purse. A jewellery pouch is good enough to keep a unique piece of art safe until you reach home.

You should not pack your jewellery in a luggage which, later, may be handled by some one else. Always pack the jewellery in carry on luggage so you can safely keep an eye on it. While staying at hotel the jewellery should be retained in the room’s safe or in hotel’s safe because when the jewellery is open it can be lost by vacuum or stolen by room service agents.

For keeping handmade jewellery safe from damage, it may not be worn during the activities like playing, working in kitchen etc. because the gems used can be broken, if stuck. The precious metals may get the scratches too while working. You may even lose your jewellery during water games like swimming etc. Before involving in similar activities jewellery must be kept in a secure location because it can be easily damaged by these activities. Many physical activities involve the interaction with the chemicals which may decrease the quality of jewellery metal. So during such activities you should not wear your jewellery.

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