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By: Imran Ali
Ayurveda is a name given to traditional Indian medicine which is also practiced in many other countries as alternative healing. As a word it means the ‘science of life’ and incorporates many treatments including gemstone therapy, massage, and aromatherapy. This alternative medicine is known to cure serious illnesses like diabetes, seizures, abscesses, and tumors as well as psychological problems like sleeplessness, depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Ayurvedic Astrology is composed of different birthstones known to have magical powers associated with them. These stones include Garnet, Amethyst, Bloodstone, Diamond, Agate, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire, Moonstone, Opal, and Topaz.

Many people who believe in the mystical powers of these gemstones wear them on a regular basis. Some of these stones are combined in jewelry articles to cure physical and psychological diseases. These stones are believed to invalidate the effects of bad karma or bad luck. Some people wear birthstone jewelry as ornaments, while others use them as hidden jewelry articles such as pendants concealed under the shirt. These gemstones are used in a specific manner in order to make a relationship work or succeed in an interview.

Navaratna (a planetary talisman) is a Sanskrit word which means ‘nine gems’ and it is a name given to a jewelry article which is composed of nine gemstones. In Hindu and Ayurvedic Astrology, navaratnas are believed to cure various illnesses. They may be composed of certain gemstones associated with 12 months including ruby, diamond, sapphire, cat’s eye, red coral and some others. The nine gemstones are associated with nine planets of the solar system. Nine-gem bangles and bracelets are very popular in India, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world.

Garnet is the Ayurvedic gemstone of the month January. This stone is used to bring power and good health. It’s a lovely precious stone which comes in hues of dark red. The gemstone for the month of June in Ayurvedic Astrology is the beautiful pearl. In ancient folklore pearls were regarded as tears of God. This stone is used for personal development and to recognize one’s true worth. Among other Ayurvedic birthstones, topaz is the stone of November and ruby is considered a gemstone of July and December. Topaz comes in yellow, white and pink colors and is commonly used in contemporary jewelry designs.

Ruby is associated with love, romance and loyalty. It is known to cure emotional injuries. Some people also wear birthstones to improve their attitude towards life and to get rid of negative feelings. Since naturally occurring stones come in a variety of exciting colors like yellow, black, red, green and blue, they are also used to enhance one’s mood and to clear away hesitation and suspicion. Colors are also used to rouse sensations and therefore some of these gemstones are used to open the path of love and physical pleasure in one’s life.

Mystical powers of Ayurvedic healing gemstones are recognized all over the world and they are known to have various effects on our behavior, mood and attitude towards life. Because of this reason, gemstone jewelry is commonly used in many parts of the world.

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