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By: Effective Environmental Services
All about Pond Magician and How to Use it Effectively
By Clifford Woods

Pond Magician is made up of an incredible number of beneficial microorganisms that maneuver through your pond and consume the microbes and contaminants which make your pond unpleasant as well as foul-smelling.
Unlike similar pond cleaners which exclusively deal with natural materials, Pond Magician is made up of both aerobic and anaerobic beneficial microorganisms, therefore making it easily adaptable to a large selection of pond water situations.

What are Beneficial Microorganisms?
Beneficial microorganisms are composed of an incredible number of friendly microorganisms. Generally, they simply eat up the algae and unwanted organisms. These microbes are advantageous to the water, plants, and fish life that thrive within your pond and they can be extremely eager for the impurities and organisms which make your pond unclean.

A few of the beneficial microorganisms can flourish even within environments where there is little if any breathable oxygen available. For this reason, beneficial microorganisms are quite effective regardless of the situation. Apart from being less expensive when compared with other deodorizing remedies, the application process is quite easy.

How to Use Pond Magician and Determine the Quantity Needed
Pond Magician is incredibly user-friendly. Simply pour it into your pond directly from the container. Put just a little at a handful of locations around the border of the pond or even dump it into the flow or waterfall for those who have one. The concept is to get the solution equally distributed within the pond. You may also apply it on top of the pond's surface area with a backyard sprayer. This can help in the case that you have a large amount of surface algae.

Before you apply it, first you have to determine the amount of gallons in your pond by employing this basic formula:
1. Multiply the average length in feet of the pond by the average width in feet.
2. Then multiply that answer by the average depth in feet.
3. Then multiply that answer by 7.48.
4. This answer is the approximate number of gallons in your pond.

After that, making use of the guidelines below will determine the quantity of Pond Magician you will need for two applications.
0-1,000 Gallons = 1 Quart
1000-5000 Gallons = 1 Gallon
5,000 - 12,500 Gallons = 2.5 Gallons
12,500 Gallons or More = Please give us a call for precise instructions at (818) 897-4444

The Benefits of Pond Magician
• As these beneficial microorganisms carry out their job, your pond will receive the subsequent advantages:
• The pond is going to have an extremely enjoyable, refreshing aroma.
• The pond water is going to be as healthy and crystal clear as water coming down a flowing mountain stream.
• The plants and fish will be extremely pleased and live longer.

Over dosage Precautions
Essentially, there is absolutely no chance of overdose due to the fact Pond Magician is made up of beneficial microorganisms. On the other hand, using more than needed will become significantly less cost-effective to the customer. In contrast to chemical products, where there exists a devastating consequence when overdosing occurs, organic bio-solutions only will stop functioning whenever there isn't enough excessive nourishment within the pond.

The main issue linked to overdosing beneficial microorganisms, besides cost, is the fact that when there is a great deal of natural and organic accumulation when you overdose, it is possible to induce an excessive amount of activity and need for oxygen. Basically, an over dosage of microorganisms would use up the oxygen in the water that sustains the fish.

Where to Purchase Pond Magician
Pond Magician is a product developed and sold by Effective Environmental Services. The company is dedicated to the brewing of Beneficial Microorganisms to eat toxins in the environment and selling of environmentally friendly products.
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Clifford Woods is the CEO of Effective Environmental Services and Organic Environmental Technology
You can find out more at and
We brew Beneficial Microorganisms that eat toxins and offer Natural Organic Solutions.

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