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By: luma lighting
The Components of Recessed LED Lights
Most fixtures come as single units. But downlights require that buy several different parts that make up the entire product. This lighting option is made of three parts:
The Housing: The housing is a can-like structure that literally “houses” the electrical components of the fixture and the socket for mounting the bulb.
The Trim: The trim is the outer finishing that laces the circular edges of the housing can. This is the shinny metallic finish attached to the ceiling and encapsulates the ray of light originating from the bulb.
The Lamp or Light Bulb: The light bulb exudes different types of lighting effects depending on the type of bulb you choose. Different housing cans are compatible with different types of light bulbs.
When Are You Installing The Recessed Lighting Fixture?
Are you looking to install recessed LED spotlights in an apartment or a home that is already constructed? Or, are you planning to do the installations while construction is underway? In both cases, the installation process is different and you will need different types of downlights for either situation. There is an option to use new construction housing downlights or remodel housing downlights. If you are just constructing your home, it is likely that there is unhindered access to the ceiling. The new construction lights, which are fixed between pieces of wood or steel in the ceiling, are most suitable for unfinished homes. Remodelled fixtures are typically installed in finished homes; these require that the ceiling be drilled for the electrical wiring to be connected to the fixture.
Do You Need IC Or NON-IC Rated Recessed Downlighting?
Whether you require an IC (insulation contact) or a non-IC rated fixture largely depends on your ceiling insulation (or lack of it). Non-IC rated recessed lighting is generally suitable for non-insulated ceilings. On the other hand, IC rated lighting fixtures are ideal for insulated ceilings as they are designed to endure the heat generated by insulation. It is possible to buy downlights that are suitable for use in both insulated and non-insulated ceilings.
What’s Your Desired Lighting Effect?
At Luma Lighting, we offer a wide array of led downlights. Depending on the type of ambience you are looking for, we can help you find the most suitable recessed fixture for any space in your house. Both the trim size and the trim style will affect the lighting effect. The type of trim you choose depends on your personal taste; but overall, the larger the trim, the broader the spectrum of light will be. Many homeowners prefer small sized trims as these are less noticeable yet more aesthetically attractive.
Most trims are 6’’ in diameter and offer general and wall wash illumination. These common trims can hold different types of bulbs, optics and watts. Both 5’’ and 4’’ trims are becoming increasingly popular for lighting smaller spaces and illuminating areas that do not need too much light such as a residential bar or a kitchen counter.
Some Common Trims Include
Adjustable Trims: These allow you to position the lamp toward a certain area or object.
Baffle Trims: These are the most popular in many residential homes. They do a good job of preventing glare while providing ample general illumination.
Lensed Trims: These trims are specifically designed to protect the lamp and the housing can from water droplets. These fixtures are often installed in the bathroom, closets and kitchen counters.
Other trims are decorative types, reflectors and wall wash lighting lamps.
Before swooning over any type of recessed led spotlights, it is a good idea to consider the peculiar needs of your home. Some downlights are perfectly suited for high-ceilings while others are best for task illumination. We can help you choose the most suitable recessed lighting to provide your home with an atmosphere that resonates most with you.
Luma Lighting specializes in the supply of lighting solutions for residential homes and commercial buildings. Have a look at the wide selection of lighting fixtures we offer at

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