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By: Nathan Knightley
Car auctions are great ways to purchase cars at deep discount. Not only can great deals on used cars be found there, but also some incredible higher model cars too.. Whether it's for personal use or resale, a lot of people acquire automobiles in this manner. This pleasant experience, however, can quickly turn sour if you don't know a few things.

Some of what can go wrong includes buying a bad car. There are lemons at auctions too. The rule of the auction jungle is “as is”. The salesman responds “as is” to every question. Finally the man agrees to buy the car, pays for it, but when he opens the door to get into the car it falls to pieces. ”I want the car as was!” screams the angry driver. Nobody wants to become that guy.

People are given the chance to inspect the vehicles at car auctions. Avoid the auctions that don't. Arrive early. Test drive the cars you like. Bring a mechanic to provide an expert eye. If that isn't possible, at least drive the car for an inspection during the test drive. It doesn't take long to check key components like the engine and breaks. Anyone with a decent eye can check the body, interior and other physical elements for wear and tear .

Another problem is inherent in auctions. Auction prices can be terrific, but sometimes people assume a bargain where there is none. Like other types of auctions, auto auctions can be the same way. The car's value can be quickly eclipsed by excited bidding. Be very careful because fees will be added to the final bid price. Know the prices of similar models in similar conditions from Kelly Blue Book or other sales data. No need to even look it up in advance since the information is online and phones can access it. Even for the car of your dreams, don't bid more than its value.

Keep in mind there are deals to be found. But keep your eyes and ears open. Car auctions follow the rule of thumb of every sale, buyer beware.

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