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By: Steve Lum
Slug-A-Bug, Inc, a termite, pest and lawn care company located in Melbourne was recognized recently by Pest Management Professional Magazine, a national Industry publication, for it’s commitment to reducing the amount of pesticide risk in the environment.

While many pest control companies are focused on getting rid of pests with standard low impact pesticides, Melbourne pest control company Slug-A-Bug was has been innovative in developing environmentally responsible green pest control program options.

According to Steve Lum, Slug-A-Bug's president “We offer our customers innovative, sound and environmentally responsible alternatives along with standard IPM pest control treatments, as needed.” The Company takes its environmental stewardship quite seriously, and has been moving toward a greener philosophy in its operations for quite some time.

Slug-A-Bug offers its customers different program options: The Green-1st Program - uses state-of-the-art "green" products with the use of low-impact materials as a back-up, if necessary, with customer consent; Slug-A-Bug’s Integrated Pest Management Program - An IPM program using low-impact materials, if and when appropriate.

All programs include:

- Thorough inspections

- Sanitation recommendations

- Excluding pests before they enter

- Using mechanical controls

- Using cultural controls, such as making recommendations like keeping tree limbs and shrubbery away from structures

- Using biological controls

Comprehensive customer education and communication program.

The products Slug-A-Bug uses are safe, "low impact" products being applied by highly trained professional. The products are used in strict accordance with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations. And that means that customers can have the highest degree of confidence that these "low impact" products pose no increased risk to customers, their families and pets.

Slug-A-Bug’s commitment to preserving the environment doesn’t end with their innovative treatment programs. They are also dedicated to reducing paper use and paper recycling, participating in energy efficient programs – such as GPS monitoring, increasing fuel efficiency through routing programs and the purchasing of more fuel efficient vehicles. Slug-A-Bug hopes that their example of commitment to environmental stewardship will encourage other companies to follow in their footsteps.

The story behind this innovative company is that Slug-A-Bug began as a one-man company in Melbourne FL. Doug Vander Poest grew up on a farm in Batavia NY in the 1960s. It was there that he received his initial training in pest control. Doug was in charge of keeping the crops protected from insects & rodents on the family farm. He graduated of Cornell University moved to FL in 1975. In 1982 he started Slug-A-Bug with a $5000 loan from a friend and a used International Scout Pick-Up truck. Doug elegantly hand painted the words "Slug-A-Bug" onto the side of the truck & voila, Slug-A-Bug was born.

From these humble beginnings, Doug grew the company one client, one relationship, at a time from a one-man operation into the largest locally owned independent Pest Company in Brevard County. Slug-A-Bug is a leader in the FL and National Pest Mgmt Association and have won business of the year more than once. Their Pledge is "we are "committed to helping people enjoy life and wellness in a pest-free environment" and "We will WOW our customers with outstanding service to earn their life-long loyalty".

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