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By: William Hauselberg
The Suhr Riot Distortion Box is one of the most popular brands on the market, and for good reason. When combined with an amp, the sound quality is superb and does not distort with the buzzing sound that many boxes experience when hooked to a powerful amp. Users of all ability levels hail the Suhr Riot as one of the best distortion boxes available.

Reliable, With Quality Tones

Pedals and boxes are known for being dependent upon the quality of the amp to which they are hooked, but the Riot doesn't fail to deliver high quality sound on a consistent level, even when connected to a lower quality amp. In fact, when using the Riot, it often sounds as if he user has added an additional amp.

The range of low OD tones often get lost when using a distortion box, but not with the Riot. Users with Stratocasters and Ibanez guitars are able to produce big tones. It's extremely simple to use, even for a novice, as it has only three knobs and hooks directly to the front of the amp. For many users, an ideal high-gain tone is an OD100, and the Suhr Riot Distortion Box delivers every time.

Hand Crafted for Quality

Each Riot is hand built, not churned off a production line. Because of this attention to quality, there can be a wait sometimes after ordering the Riot, but this distortion box is well worth the wait. The on/off switch is easy to manipulate because it is spring loaded and switches on and off easily with the touch of a foot. The Suhr Riot is powered with a nine-volt battery, and a signal lets users know when the battery power is getting low. Once the battery power is drained, the Riot switches to bypass mode so as to not interrupt the signal.

The Suhr Riot produces sound as if playing through a full power stack. It's been said by many users of the Riot that they often forget they are playing through a pedal. The sound quality is so incredible users state they often think they are playing with an additional amp channel.

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