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By: Rudy Silva
Lawn weeds can be categorized as winter, perennial, and summer. Winter weeds have 6 plants in its category, and which starts as seed in autumn and develops into a rosette of basal leaves as winter approaches.

The winter weeds include the chickweed, common mallow, common geranium, red deadnettle, hairy bittercress, and henbit.

Chickweed is compact in its primary phase, and has bright green leaves of oval shape. In time, it becomes dense with loose branches. Its flowers, small and solitary are white with notched petals.

The common mallow is mat-forming weed commonly sighted in spring. Its leaves are round and serrated on its edges, while its flowers are pinkish white that appear on the leaf axils.

With deeply-lobed leaves, the common geranium has small white or purple flowers in clusters. Its stems are spreading at the base, and it is hairy throughout the base.

Creeping all over the ground, and rooting at lower nodes, the red deadnettle weeds have dark green or purple leaves of heart shape. Its flowers, appearing in the upper leaves, are small and purple.

The hairy bittercress is so called due to the hairy appearance on the weed’s upper surface and leaf stalks. As it grows, its leaves form a bushy rosette, and its white flowers are bloomed from slender stalks.

With tubular and pinkish flowers, the henbit has rounded leaves with lobed margins that form like a collar around its stem.

The perennial lawn weeds, on the other hand, have 3 or more years of life expectancy. Belonging to this category are the common blue violet, ground ivy, blackhorn plantain, wild garlic, and dandelion.

With long stalks and heart-shaped leaves, the common blue violet can form extensive colonies when left uncontrolled. It has a bluish green color.

The ground ivy is a scented and creeping weed as it can easily spread onto other areas, while its roots can establish even on lower nodes. Its leaves are round, scalloped on the edge, and veined distinctively. Its flowers are tubular and bluish purple.

Producing golden brown flowers in clusters, the buckhorn plantain has basal leaves that are narrow, long and with parallel veins.

Mostly proliferating in clumps, the wild garlic weeds have bluish green leaves in cylindrical shape. Its flowers, sporting a pink color, are bulbous.

Almost anybody can recognize a dandelion plant with its yellow flowers and seed heads. Dandelions have long and toothed leaves that grow at its base. It contains milky latex.

Finally, the summer annual lawn weeds germinate from seeds in spring or summer, and develop into a grown plant that can produce seeds before they are withered by winter frost. There are two known summer weeds and these are prostrate spurge, and crabgrass.

The prostrate spurge has slow growth pace. It is sometimes favored for groundcover as it can do a pretty job with its mat-forming ability. Its leaves are bluish green with purple blotch on its center. When broken, the spurge produces a milky sap.

With the ability of producing thousands of seeds, the crabgrass is among the most nuisances of lawn weeds. Its leaves have green or purple color and its grass can creep along the ground.

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