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By: Buck Dubay
So, you need to generate profits through marketing. Great idea as it is considered as one of the most efficient ways to generate income. Nonetheless, if you opt to begin a career within the advertising industry, have a look at the list of misconceptions below first and be aware of the truth behind it:

Myth: Advertising is a dishonorable career.
Fact: Working in the marketing business is actually a respected profession. However some people think it the other way around since you will use different solutions to market your services and products. Not everybody knows that advertising follows particular rules. Normally, the marketing agency only produces materials showcasing advertising messages to its target audience. Yet this is often misinterpreted as deceitful advertising campaign.

Myth: Everyone in advertising field constitutes a fortune.
Fact: Sure, in some ways this one's correct. You may create lots of money in marketing but, not everyone is getting six figures. Most people working in this area started at the bottom, with basic salaries and slowly climbing the ladder of success. As with all profession, you also have to pay your dues along with other advertising expenses. However this is just applicable for entrepreneurs, not those who view ads and earn money from this.

Myth: You can easily succeed in the advertising industry.
Fact: No, but there are lots of occupations available if you really want to work in the advertising industry. But this does not necessarily mean that you will instantly have an office, enjoy exclusive earnings and invent promotional initiatives together with your staff. Everything needs time to work and you need to do it little by little. There's some legwork that needs your full attention before you achieve success.

Myth: Your suggestions suit for all ads.
Fact: Advertising follows a comprehensive process for every advertising campaign. As part of the creative team and leader, you can't expect that your ideas will be approved by your clients. Your proposal must undergo different quality check and many changes are required before approving your copy.

So, with all those misconceptions revealed, the main mantra is to give your best to help you succeed in this industry.

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