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By: sveta
Let’s demonstrate how you can incorporate drop shipping into your current online business to save 55 minutes on the following tasks:

* Prepare the item description

* Package and address the item

* Ship the item

You also save money:

* Your hourly rate for performing these tasks

* Packaging materials

* Shipping costs

* Mileage to the post office

Let’s do the math.

Saving 12 minutes preparing the item description

I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I spend at least 30 minutes snapping and editing photos for a single item. I almost always use multiple images in my item descriptions. Subtract 15 minutes for perfectionism, and let’s conservatively estimate that the average seller spends 15 minutes preparing and uploading pictures for an item description.

With drop shipping you can use the supplier’s images—typically higher quality than the homespun variety, and they require no time investment on your part. You can trim at least 12 minutes off your time investment for taking pictures, editing images, and uploading them to eBay or a third-party image hosting service. As an added bonus, you get a higher quality image.

Some drop shipping service providers offer “hot linking” to the supplier images so you don’t have to do any saving or uploading. I have personally trimmed my time investment on photos from 30 minutes to 30 seconds using hot links to supplier images!

Furthermore, in most cases the supplier provides an item description for you which again saves you more time. Since many sellers like to add to or rewrite the item description, we won’t include this time saver in our calculation.

Saving 3 minutes in packaging

Traditional packaging time varies. For a small item that fits in an envelope, you can address the envelope, slip the item into it, and seal it in less than a minute. Larger, bulkier, more fragile items can take even a seasoned packer 10 to 15 minutes to properly package and address. Let’s make a conservative estimate of 5 minutes to package and address an average item following the traditional model.

How much time can you save in packaging with drop shipping? Oh, wait a minute… you don’t have to worry about packaging! You simply place the order online, and the drop shipper packages the item for you. So, that’s 5 minutes minus about 2 minutes for placing the order online for a total savings of about 3 minutes. onkeyup="cntWords(this,document.postform.c)">

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