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By: Imran Ali
Sapphire is a very fine gemstone and is known for its eternal beauty. The word sapphire is derived from a Greek word “sappheiros’ meaning blue. Sapphire is attached to royalty and many royal members used to wear sapphire jewellery. Sapphire is a composition of aluminum oxide also known as corundum. All colors except the red corundum are known as sapphire; however, the red corundum is named as ruby. So sapphire comes in many exquisite colors like brown, blue, pink, yellow and purple. Like diamonds sapphire is a very hard gemstone and so its jewellery is quite durable and long lasting.

The jewellery articles having sapphire stone look magnificent. You can choose from the beautiful colors of sapphire for your jewellery. The purple colored sapphire is a very unique stone which gives different hues of purple color in different lights. In daylight the purple sapphire looks blue and gives a violet shade in a bright and dark lighting. Pink sapphire gives a very feminine touch to ladies jewellery and every girl loves to have a pink stoned ring on her engagement. Pink sapphires are costly than other colors of sapphire. However, the sapphire rings are still cheaper than diamond rings and are as beautiful as diamonds are.

Sapphire is mainly originated in the countries of India and Burma. And another main source of fancy colored sapphires is Sri-Lanka. Blue sapphires, comparatively cheap, are found in Thailand and Australia. China, Kenya and Nigeria are also some of those countries in which this precious stone is found. Sapphire is also found in the United States. Some worldwide famous sapphires include the St Edward's and Stuart Sapphires.

Sapphire comes in many shapes like round, oval, rectangular and square cuts. Sapphire can be used for any item of jewellery. Earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants and other accessories with sapphire look dazzling. Sapphire engagement rings are widely used as they are unique, beautiful and fascinating. Moreover it is easy to take care of the sapphire jewellery, as it is strong and does not get scratched easily.

These and other qualities of sapphire make them ideal for daily wear. An easy way to clean this lovely stone is to use water and soap for its cleaning. Rings and pendants adorned with sapphire make a perfect gift for anniversaries and weddings and even birthdays. You can make your beloved amazed by giving her a ring with a gorgeous sapphire.

Sapphire is a birthstone as well and is linked with the month of September. For a friend whose birthday falls in September it can be an ideal gift. The person receiving a jewellery article with his or her own birthstone will love it and will treasure it forever. Sapphire jewellery is considered to be very lucky for people who buy and wear it. This is because sapphire is believed to have magical powers associated with it. The sparkling sapphires with undiminished beauty are meaningful and have significance. These birthstones were considered to be lucky in ancient times. Sapphire is a unique stone and is a symbol of faithfulness and sincerity. Sapphire is also believed to heal the mind and enhance mental clarity.

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