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By: Imran Ali
The history of jewellery is very old. It can be traced back to 3000 BC. Even gold is found in the tombs of Tutankhamen. But now-a-days jewellery made from the real diamond or gold is so expensive. Wearing of costume jewellery is becoming much more popular than the real metal jewellery. It is not the only reason, but because of the constant change in fashion, costume jewellery allows the people to buy jewellery to match with different outfits and latest trends. Costume jewellery contains the jewellery which is made from brass, plastic, bone, glass and beads. Companies have been emerged over the last few years to meet the fashion jewellery demand. Pilgrim is the company that was started in 1983 by Annemette Markvad and Thomas Adamsen. They started work from Denmark.

Pilgrim jewellery is famous for its high quality and fashion styling. There is a new and more exciting design in every season that tempts you. In Pilgrim jewellery most of material used is metal alloys or a base. It is usually coated with palladium or copper and than plated using gold or silver. In pilgrim jewellery there is an extensive use Swarovski crystal and sparkling stones. In a few years pilgrim jewellery has become a international fastest growing fashion jewellery brand. According to Pilgrim, its success is due to the uniqueness in their designs which is the source of attraction for the individuals. It is famous throughout the world regardless of the culture or religion. Pilgrim jewellery continually takes steps with the latest jewellery trends and fashion. Due to the updated fashion jewellery, pilgrim jewellery takes positive attention and distinguishes itself from others. The collection of pilgrim jewellery is very vast. You can create you own pilgrim style. Through pilgrim jewellery you can follow fashion but it cannot make you the victim of any of its design. It is a perfect thing to enhance your individual personality.

The nickel involved in other costume jewellery make it harmful for use. Nickel has an allergic effect on skin. Mostly pilgrim products are nickel free so there isn’t any health hazards associated with it. One can be fully satisfied while using pilgrim jewellery products.

To take good care of these jewellery products, after using wipe it with a cloth before hanging it in place. Don’t store it in the place where it has been in contact with perfumes, hairsprays, sweat or chlorine. Pearls and Swarovski crystals can’t tolerate these chemicals. Also don’t store it in bathroom because excess of moisture can cause in oxidation of jewellery.

Pilgrim jewellery is not the cheapest jewellery available in market so you have watch where you are shopping from as some of the jewellery offer the jewellery more expensive than others. You can also buy it from online jewellery stores as they offer you the latest design and you have enough time to choose.

If you are willing to give jewellery as a gift to someone special, who likes jewellery than pilgrim would be a perfect option.

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