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By: Imran Ali
After the rapidly growing prices of silver jewellery, pewter jewelry gained much popularity due to its amazing low price. Today many people choose Pewter jewellery because of its advantages over silver jewellery. This silver colored jewellery is much appreciated by the people since two decades. Pewter and silver sterling look similar at first glance. After the trend of heavy chains in silver, gents demanded it in pewter alloy because it is tarnish free and non-allergenic while the silver jewellery is highly allergenic.

Pewter is basically a pure and elegant form of selected tin. It is a soft metal. After combining or alloying with antimony or bismuth which are brittle and hard metals, it becomes hard and dense. In USA, pewter was made up with lead but today the use of lead is becoming rare. During 18th century pewter was used to make plates and mugs before porcelain came into existence. The early pewter products were full of lead. The Celtics made their famous knot designs and styles in pewter.

The modern pewter has several advantages. It is less costly than sterling silver jewellery. It has less allergenic and there is no fear of tarnishing (especially the pewter which is made without lead). It has a warm, decent and hand crafted look. It can be mould easily in various designs. It is more reliable than silver. It has a long lasting luster and shine. The jewellery made with pewter has an extra-ordinary and outclass look like platinum.

There are three quality grades of pewter, Fine Grade, trifle grade and lay grade. Fine grade has 95 to 99 percent tin and 5 to 1 percent pure copper. This grade of pewter is very shiny and even it can be used to make utensils for use in the kitchen. Trifle Grade pewter contains approximately 92 percent tin, 1 to 6 percent pure copper and 4 percent pure lead. It is not much shiny. Lay Grade pewter contains up to 15 percent lead and it cannot be used in jewellery making because it is highly tarnishing and less shiny. It is used for candlesticks, basins, and other decorative items.

Always remember that the pewter containing lead is harmful but the pewter containing other alloys is health friendly. It means that if you are using the Pewter jewellery with very little or no lead in it, then there are no health problems associated with its use. Always pay attention while purchasing pewter jewelry. You must make sure the pewter you are purchasing, comes from a reputable and recognized source and is totally lead free.

Despite the fact that pewter made jewelry has still a doubtful repute in certain circles, it looks that it is gaining the popularity day by day. The main advantage of the Pewter jewellery is its low cost. As every one cannot afford sterling silver jewelry, this can be an amazing and wonderful substitute as well as a pocket friendly alternative for most of us.

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