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By: Imran Ali
Pearl is a beautiful and precious stone which comes in lovely colors and different shapes. White pearls are famous worldwide and some people think that pearl exists in only white color. This misconception is because white color of pearls is the most used color and so is quite popular among people. However, pearl comes in exquisite colors; black, white, rose pink, silver and golden and different types including cultured pearls, Tahitian Pearls, South Sea Pearls, Freshwater Pearls and Akoya Pearls. Tahitian pearls are also known as ‘black pearls’. This lovely and luminous gemstone when set in different jewellery articles looks truly fascinating. Pearl jewellery is the choice of many women. Girls prefer pearl jewels for their wedding day, anniversaries, engagements and other formal occasions.

Pearl is also a birthstone of the month of June. Pearls symbolize nobility and being a birthstone they have the power to bring wealth and longevity to its wearer. Pearls are also known as ‘nature’s perfect gems’. Pearl comes from a Latin word ‘perula’ which means small pearl. There are different mysteries about this gorgeous gemstone; they are sometimes labeled as tears of mermaid and angles. Persians believed that pearls are formed when a rainbow meets the earth and pearls are also said to be the outcome of the tears of Adam and Eve and are born out of a lake. Pearls are also used for medical treatment in some areas like ancient Chinese used to swallow the pearls to cure fever and eye diseases

To buy real and genuine pearls you should carefully examine them before buying. To avoid buying fake pearls you can check the authenticity of these stones by rubbing two pearls. If they are smooth then they are not real because real pearls are a little grainy and course. Always examine the pearls under proper and natural light to check their size, color, orient and shape. Like any other stone, pearls need proper care. Never store pearls with other hard stones and jewellery. Pearl jewellery is very versatile and can be worn any time; it is ideal for evening wear, for party wear, it can also be worn at work.

Pearls with an unsurpassed beauty and loveliness come in different shapes. Round shape is the most popular shape of pearls and other shapes like hemispherical and oval shapes are also admirable. Cultured pearls are mostly used in pearl articles like trendy and modern designs of rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Round pearls are the most valuable pearls.

The fashion of pearl jewellery never becomes outdated so when buying pearl articles don’t compromise on the quality of pearls for a little money. Imitation of pearls is also available and is known as ‘faux’. As pearls can be very expensive people go for its imitation. Imitation consists of glass, plastic, or shell beads which are given the look of pearls. The imitation pearls may be as shiny as real ones but that is only a surface glow, however, in real pearls there is an inner glow. The difference between the real and imitation pearls is quite apparent and one cannot get deceived by the fake pearls easily.

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