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By: Imran Ali
Jewellery industry makes it possible for women to adorn themselves with new and amazing articles. With the increasing demands of fashion it has become essential for the companies to offer new and exotic designs of fashionable jewellery to stay in business. Jewellery making is a unique art and it requires creativity and skill to produce intricate designs which are the demand of modern fashion. Women want to follow the latest trends in fashion by wearing beautiful and modern jewellery items. Girls and women want to look pretty and so they love to wear gorgeous jewels which make them more attractive. .

Today the industry of jewellery has developed so much that it has become one of the top industries in the world by earning huge profits. Every country has its own industry of jewellery and they export as well as import many jewellery articles from different countries. Indian jewellery is very popular and is known for its beautiful and stunning jewellery. The Indian jewels are amazing with a diverse range of articles and designs including; Kundan jewellery, temple jewellery, Meenakari jewellery and some other varieties are truly fascinating. Vintage jewellery is also quite amazing. The vintage jewels are antique jewels with a long and interesting history attached to them.

Modern men are equally interested in wearing fashionable jewellery just like women to adorn their body and look stylish and trendy. Men love to wear watches, rings, bracelets, chains, and other jewellery articles. Designer jewellery is very common among men and they love to collect high-end designer watches, rings and chains. Young boys love to wear dangling earrings and single studs. Sterling silver and stainless steel are preferred for men’s jewels. White gold and platinum jewellery is also quite suitable for men and young boys. Jewellery has become popular among children and many designers prepare cute and pretty jewels for kids. Some people may be surprised to know that people also love to adorn their pets with jewellery articles.

The tradition of wearing jewellery is centuries old and the ancient people used to wear jewellery made of stones, shells, flowers and other materials to adorn themselves. With the passage of time different materials like gold, sterling silver, white gold, platinum and titanium were introduced in the jewellery industry. The styles and designs of jewellery have also evolved through time. Elegant and sophisticated designs are preferred by women. Many beautiful stones, diamonds, pearls, beads and other materials are used to make the jewellery articles more attractive and appealing. These stones add a spark to the jewels. Brides are also adorned by heavy jewels on their weddings.

Body jewellery and costume jewellery are also famous products of the jewellery industry. People love to adorn their different parts of the body with trendy and modern body jewellery. Costume jewels are quite affordable as they are prepared by using cheap or less expensive materials like; wood, plastic, glass and other cheap metals like bronze and silver. The fashion of wearing jewellery has been around for years and is followed by people who have the desire to look beautiful and attractive.

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