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By: Imran Ali
Jewellery has become a vital element in everyone’s life. Men, women and even kids love to wear jewellery articles all the time. Wearing jewellery is the demand of modern fashion. A few years back jewellery was used only on special occasions like weddings, engagements and other formal parties and it was associated with the brides and married girls only. But nowadays it is worn casually as well as formally and everyone likes to wear beautiful and elegant jewellery items. Trendy and stylish jewellery is in fashion these days. The gems and jewellery industry has been growing rapidly and has become one of the most profitable industries of the world.

The industry of jewellery has flourished in the past few years due to the increased demand of fashionable jewellery. The export and import of jewellery has also amplified. People nowadays have a passion for jewellery which accounts for the growth of this industry all over the world. Jewellery is used for fashion as well as decoration. In the past jewellery was used to adorn bible monuments and other decorations were made using different pieces of valuable jewels. A wide variety of jewellery is available; costume jewellery, fashion jewellery, body jewellery, antique jewellery, traditional jewellery, modern jewellery and many more.

Chinese industry of jewellery started around 15 years back when DeBeers diamonds and platinum entered in China jewellery market. Jewellery in China is very popular among people and is an important consumption article. People buy jewellery for wearing as well as investing their money. Watches, rings, earrings, bracelets, bangles, pendants, chains, toe rings, anklets and many other lovely articles are provided by the jewellery industries of different countries.

Indian jewellery industry is a highly regarded industry and earns huge profits through the jewellery exports all over the world. Skillful craftsmen of India make intricate designs of jewellery using gold, silver and other metals. Indian diamond jewellery is also wonderful. Antique jewellery, costume jewellery, body jewellery, temple jewellery, meenakari and Kundan jewellery are some of the famous Indian jewellery categories. Indian bridal collection includes a tremendous range of jewellery articles for the brides and the grooms to make their grand day more interesting and charming.

Customers are nowadays very demanding about their jewellery and want to have customized designs of jewellery. They like to have the one they dream of and they take the designs of their own choice to the jewellery shops and ask them to prepare similar designs for them. Colored diamonds are the latest trend this year and the polki style i.e.; uncut diamonds are people’s choice for their jewellery. However, the increase in the prices of gold in recent years has increased more than three times in last two years. This increase has not proved to be much beneficial for the jewellery industry as the customers are switching towards artificial jewellery and imitations. People who used to buy and wear gold jewellery now cannot afford to have gold articles due to their high prices. Imitation jewellery is easily available from the street-side vendors and standalone shops in malls.

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