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By: Imran Ali
Jewellery has always been loved by people who follow the varying fashion. There are so many different types of jewellery available today according to the requirements of customers. Handmade jewellery is highly appreciated in all regions of the world because of its uniqueness and creative designs. Various techniques are used to make handcrafted jewels. Lamp work, beaded, carved and painted jewellery are some of the widely used handmade articles. Vintage, silver and beaded handmade jewels are very popular and are simply adored by women. These jewels are very trendy and stylish and the designs are according to the modern fashion. Antique handmade jewels also contain a variety of fabulous articles.
In the past jewellery was worn to show status and wealth. Jewellery in ancient times had a religious importance as well. Handmade jewels have been around for a long time and during the Victorian era handmade jewels were quite popular. Celts used to wear the twisted torques, close fitting necklaces that were representative of wealth and manhood. The most commonly used stones in handmade jewels are amber, agate, aquamarine, birthstones, moonstone, citrine, cultured pearls and bull’s eye glass, art glass, dichroic glass, glass pipes, glass rods and other varieties.
The art of making jewellery has emerged as the most enduring craft. The popularity of jewellery has made huge progress in this industry and jewellery industry today is one of the most profitable industries in the world. Everyone likes to have unique jewellery articles to stand out of the crowd and get praise from their friends. Handcrafted jewellery is ideal for such demanding people who like to wear unusual jewels that are beautiful and exclusive. Brides also love to wear handmade articles made of gold or sterling silver with diamonds and other gemstones. These jewels add to the beauty of the brides and make them more charming and stunning.
Handmade jewelers make use of different types of metals and gemstones such as brass, copper, silver, gold, crystal, quartz, turquoise, coral and amethyst along with glass beads, fabric, wood, leather, shell, hemp, animal horns, bones and even teeth. The handmade jewellery in any form looks unique and stunning. Simple handmade bracelets are made by stringing the beads into a thread or a string. The beauty of the bracelet depends on the color and type of the beads used and the arrangement of the beads in a string also counts. Bracelets look gorgeous if beads are properly arranged. Carved jewels are excellent pieces of handmade jewels. They are one of a kind and have a unique appeal and attraction. Skillfully carved pieces make outstanding hand-carved jewels.
The uniquely designed handmade articles with bight colors are loved by teenage girls. Designer handmade jewels are also dazzling with a variety of precious stones like ruby, opal and sapphire which makes the items gleaming and flashy. The timeless handmade jewels can be costly as well as cheap depending upon the material, craftsmanship and designs used. You can compare styles and prices on the internet stores providing handmade jewellery. They also provide you with other facilities like shipping, on-sale options and coupons. The uniqueness of handcrafted jewels makes them perfect for special gifts on birthdays and anniversaries.

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