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By: Imran Ali
Diamonds are believed to be the symbol of love and passion. ’A diamond is forever’; from the past to the future diamond is a stone that will never lose its value and beauty. Diamond jewellery is exceptional and timeless. The use of diamond in the jewellery makes it so stunning that nobody can resist it. Diamonds refract light and it was first discovered in India 3000 years back. Diamond is the hardest of all the gemstones and so is more durable. In old times diamond was made by giving incredible heat and pressure to carbon under the surface of the earth. The Greeks believed that the diamonds are the particles of stars fallen on earth and some of them assumed them to be the tears of God.

The jewellery of diamond is an outstanding creation. Diamonds come in different qualities but they are given the finishing touches to enhance their clarity before using them in the jewellery. You can find an exclusive collection of diamond rings, earrings, bands, bracelets, belts and watches to choose from. Diamond rings are excellent choice for engagements and weddings as diamond signifies love, purity and commitment. Diamond rings can make perfect gifts for your special one. Various cuts of diamonds are used in the jewellery. Some of the famous cuts of diamond include; brilliant cut, princess cut, emerald cut and heart shaped diamonds.

Diamond is found in a variety of beautiful and alluring colors. Most people think that only white diamond is available. But unfortunately they are wrong because they have little knowledge about diamonds. Diamond also comes in different hues of pink, black, champagne, green blue and purple. The vivid pink diamond is very rare and so is the most expensive of all colored diamonds.

Pink diamonds are mainly found in Argyle mine. This rare stone includes the shades from soft rose pink to deep raspberry pink. All shades in pink look tremendous. The use of pink diamonds in jewellery gives a very sophisticated look which makes the pieces more feminine. Previously white or colorless diamond was the most widely used color but now all the colors of diamonds are used commonly in jewellery. The lustrous black diamond is usually used in men’s jewellery. Black diamond makes perfect combination with platinum.

Diamonds are very expensive because it requires a lot of labor to get these precious gemstones out of the earth. Buying diamond jewellery is a big investment. Before buying a diamond article you should research the market thoroughly to get the best jewellery as it is very costly and one can buy a single or a few diamond items. So for buying the right type and high quality of diamond, well reputed jewellery should be selected. Moreover the four parameters i.e. the famous 4 C’s; clarity, carat, color and cut should be considered. These points are all very crucial while purchasing diamond items.

Diamond jewellery has an eternal beauty which none other gemstone has. Diamonds are preferred by women all over the world as they look very elegant and can be worn with any type and style of outfit. Female watches with diamonds make them glamorous and stunning. The diamond articles have very high prices because they are worth it. Jewellery portrays your personality and when you wear diamond jewels they reflect the good taste and excellent choice of jewellery.

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