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By: Rudy Silva
Nectarine trees are a variant of peach trees. Their difference is the fruit skin: nectarines’ have smoother skin than that of peaches. There have been experiments showing nectarines growing from peach stones, and peaches from nectarine stones.

Peach trees can produce nectarines through bud-variation and nectarines also produce peaches. Either tree can produce fruits that are half peach and half nectarine, and subsequently produce a true peach. The characteristics of the fruits are similar, except for a few. Nectarine is a smaller fruit. It has a firmer flesh, greater aroma, and richer flavor.

The fruits of nectarine can be used in any of the ways peaches are used and prepared as a table fruit. Nectarines can be stewed, baked or made into jams, ice cream and preserves. They can also be dried and canned.

The benefits of nectarines are mostly related to health, although as among the fruit trees, nectarine trees can provide shade in your yard and enhance the beauty of your garden. A nectarine is sub-acid. It is best eaten raw, and can be mixed with any fruit, and it leaves an alkaline ash.

Among its nutrients are 100mg of phosphorous, 54mg of ascorbic acid, 2.4 mg of iron, 2.1 g of protein, 17mg of calcium, 71.4g of carbohydrates, 267 calories and 6,817 I.U. It has zero fat. It does not contain sodium and cholesterol. A nectarine is among the fruits that are best for the heart.

Containing antioxidants, a nectarine fruit is good for your skin. There have been researches showing the antioxidants present in the fruit protecting the skin from the damaging UV rays by counteracting the free radical activity. Also, studies have shown that the epidermis can absorb vitamins and nutrients from topically-applied liquid juice solutions, and thus, strengthen the elasticity and general appearance of the skin.

The fruit is also beneficial as an ingredient for home-made facial cream or facial mask. Besides being an efficacious skin protector, it also has exfoliating benefits. Nectarines are a good exfoliants, and the best way to exfoliate dead skin cells is by using it as a facial scrub. It softens and moisturizes dull and dry skin after scrubbing. There are many commercial facial scrubber that use nectarines as their main ingredient.

When it comes to taste, the fruit is very delicious and juicy. Growing nectarine trees in your backyard will enable you to benefit from its nutrients. You can grow it as any natural fruit tree would, or you can use for landscaping. Either way, you can enjoy its fruits if planted with proper care from the beginning.

Planting nectarine trees is not hard. Once it is established in your yard, it does not require much attention. Autumn and fall seasons are the best time to plant the tree. If your area is prone to heavy frosting, spring is the perfect time. The soil must be drained and rich in humus to have a healthy tree.

You can supplement your heavy soil with organic fertilizer before planting the nectarine trees. The trees also require a full sunlight exposure.

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