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By: Imran Ali
The tradition of Celts that passed on from generation to generation and reached this age includes the unique Celtic jewellery with an everlasting beauty and fine art. This jewellery is reflective of the tradition, culture and rituals of Celts. The art of Celts left a great influence on Europe and Ireland. The fine and wonderful art of Celtic age consists of Pottery, woodwork, jewellery, and weapons. Jewellery has happened to be the most popular and timeless art and has still maintained its value in the jewellery industry. Celtics lived in Britain and Ireland, then they moved from Spain and France to southern Germany and the Alpine lands, Bohemia, and later in Italy, the Balkans and even central Turkey.

Celtic art reflects different cultures as it traveled through time covering different eras. The intricate designs of Celtic jewels consist of human figures, animals, and interlaced knot work. Celtic art also contains flowing curves based on animal and plant motifs, and they also form semi-abstract designs. Spirals and animals were the prominent designs of Celtic art. The Celtic designs were so wonderful that they were also used to decorate bible manuscripts and monuments. The plain motifs reflecting nature were commonly used designs of Celtic art.

Some of the Celtic symbols are assumed to have the magical power to ward off evil spirits. The jewellery of Celts is one of the ancient ornaments that exist till date. The articles of Celts are very stylish and cater the demands of the modern fashion and so are quite popular these days. Silver, bronze and gold metal were used by the Celtic craftsmen and they made exotic designs which were beautifully crafted. As the work of Celtic art travelled through time, the meanings attributed to various symbols evolved with the passage of eras. So the Celtic cross and other symbols have more than one meaning attached to them.

The fashionable and elegant art work of Celts includes the intricate designs of jewellery. Celtic jewellery was rich of irresistible and artistic designs and patterns with unique symbols. All these symbols have a meaning and significance. Cross was a representative of Christianity and has been the most famous jewellery design of Ireland. The religious symbol of Cross was believed to have a religious significance. Cross is also used as an emblem of Irish and Scottish identity. There is a history attached to each Celtic article which makes them timeless.

The living history associated with the articles of jewellery and the meaningful symbols of Celtic jewellery makes them more fascinating and interesting. People can’t resist buying this unique and incredible jewellery as it is very appealing. Celtic ornaments are stylish as well as momentous and so men and women love wearing it. The art of Celtics is truly amazing and simply matchless. Celtic pieces are adored by the people admiring historical art and they love to buy these beautiful items. There is very no documented history of Celts available; however, the rich history is reflected by their unique and mysterious work of art.

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