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By: Imran Ali
Birthstone jewellery has been very popular since centuries. The birthstones are lucky stones as they protect people in trouble and bring good fortune to them. People of older times were very superstitious and they used these birthstones to evade bad happenings and to avoid evil eye. People prefer wearing them as they can enjoy more benefits at the same time; they are fashionable as well as lucky. Some people say that the tradition of birthstones originated from the’ Breastplate Aaron’ which was a ceremonial garment and had twelve beautiful gemstones set in the garment. These stones represented twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve months and the twelve zodiac signs.

The jewellery of birthstones is the only personalized jewellery. This personalized jewellery can be ideal to use for gifts. Everyone likes to wear his or her own birthstone to reflect their personality. Rings having birthstones instead of any other gemstone can be a unique gift for your engagement. Birthstone engagement rings can be of exciting designs like a plain band with a ruby or trinity knot ring with a sapphire in the centre. You can also celebrate your anniversary with your partner by giving her a special birthstone ring or pendant. You can select the birthstone of the month of your wedding or you can have the green emerald to represent your love, sincerity and faithfulness. The theme of your wedding or engagement ring can also be selected for your anniversary present. Jewellery gifts having birthstones are very special for everyone and are undoubtedly the best gifts one can ever have.

Birthstone jewellery has been around for decades and birthstones are available in exquisite colors and each color is fascinating and thrilling. The metals usually used for birthstone jewellery are silver and gold. These stones are said to be very mysterious and magical. The twelve months in the calendar have different gemstones attached to them. Diamond, the most expensive stone, is the stone of April. The white and classy pearl is for June and electric blue colored sapphire is the September stone. Birthstone gifts represent the special bond of your love and eternal relationship so it can be an excellent choice for Valentine’s Day gift. Another reason of selecting the articles of jewellery with your birthstone is that you can have the matching color of stone in it as of your dress.

Birthstones are individual and meaningful for everyone. History also tells us about the use of birthstones for several purposes. In Victorian era birthstones were given different messages and were commonly used for gifts. The rainbow colored opal stone, beautiful amethyst; a stone of sincerity and peace, ruby representing beauty and nobility, topaz indicating friendship and diamond symbolizing love and innocence all constitute the exquisite variety of birthstones. Ruby in ancient times was believed to protect from harm in the fields of battle and was used by many famous warriors of ancient times.

Birthstone jewellery is easy to find as it is available in almost every shop in the city. However, finding a genuine stone may require a lot of experience and a good eye. Fake stones are also available in the market and are quite similar to the original stones. So, to enjoy the true beauty of the birthstones always go to a well reputed shop. It has also become easy to buy jewellery online and items of birthstone can be easily found and bought online.

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