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By: Imran Ali
The custom of wearing birthstone jewellery is very old and it started in Poland for the first time in the fifteenth century. Birthstones are thought to have a magical power. People in ancient times believed that the special powers attached to the birthstones protect the wearer and endow him with special characteristics. People used to wear jewellery of birthstones because they thought that by wearing these precious and powerful stones they can ward off an evil eye and avoid bad luck. Wearing beautiful and colorful stones is considered lucky as they can bring good fortune to the wearer. It is still a fashion to have the jewellery articles having birthstones.

These gorgeous gemstones have been associated with the twelve signs of zodiac. A particular color of stone is associated to each month in a year and it is believed that the birthstone transmits its special powers to the person who wears it. Every gemstone represents a month. The dazzling garnet is the birthstone of January. This divine maroon colored stone is believed to signify wisdom when worn by men and in women it indicates politeness and vigilance. With February amethyst is associated which is a symbol of peace and tranquility. The beautiful and stunning blue aquamarine is the birthstone of March and serves as a protection to sailors from the dangers and risks they face when they are sailing.

There may be more than one birthstone for a particular month. Different cultures prepare their own list of the birthstones for the twelve months and the jeweler’s association prepares a standardized list of the stones. For the month of April the associated stone is the most expensive and valuable diamond. Diamond is very stylish and elegant stone and is simply adored by everyone. The fascinating emerald is the birthstone of May and the cool and classy pearl is June’s gemstone. The glamorous emerald represents rebirth and fertility and the pearl symbolizes love, purity and power.

Birthstones have been adored by thousands of people belonging to different cultures since ancient times. These gorgeous stones have a timeless beauty and are very charming. The birthstones have a real meaning and significance and that is why they are so popular among all cultures. The hot month of July has the most passionate stone Ruby which indicates love and royalty. Birthstone jewellery can be found for all these stones.

Peridot is the stone of August and is associated with luck and peace. Romans also called Peridot the emerald of evening. The stone symbolizing faithfulness and sincerity is the brilliant sapphire and is the stone of September. The stone of opal is also known as ‘fire stone’ and reflects all the colors of a rainbow. This stone is related to the month of October and is a symbol of hope and luck.

People having a taste for romance and passion love to wear this kind of jewellery. It is personalized jewellery and everyone loves to wear it because it is reflective of their personality.

Moreover people like to have the lucky birthstone jewellery to avoid misfortune and bad luck. The birthstone for the month of November is the sizzling topaz which is a symbol of love and affection. Topaz comes in beautiful colors like white, yellow, blue and pink. But the yellow topaz is the rarest and highly valuable of all the colors. The stone of December is the beautiful turquoise and it is a symbol of beauty and good fortune.

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