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By: Imran ali
From ancient times, people of different cultures used jewellery for personal dressings. In ancient times badges were used to wear for showing symbol of official and social status.
For personal dressings, different worthy metals and gemstones were used for making and wearing of ancient jewellery, by the people of different civilizations of ancient times. Different materials, whether they are constituent or unstructured like leathers, feathers, hairs, bones, etc were used to make the allegories of religious or social or governmental associations, badges for social and authorized rank and of course for personal dressings. Yet, the term jewellery decently diverts to the precious or valuable stones and items made with worthy metals like copper, brass, gold silver and platinum, etc.
Ancient jewellery was also worn on the upper section of the body which is from head to neck. On the head the crowns, hair pins, diadems and hat ornaments were worn. Little low the earrings, earplugs, lips rings and nose rings were used to wear. Bit low on the neck pendants and necklaces and on the breast buttons, brooches and pectorals. On hands and arms, bracelets, rings and bangles were used to wear. On the waist, the belts and corsets with pendants like scent cases and rosaries were used. The knowledge which is used to describe something in these days about jewellery is acquired from the huge preservations of personally using objects of pharaohs, present in different tombs.
It is known that the material which was used is both constituent and amorphous typed like mentioned and the knowledge about the different items of jewellery which were made for the different parts of the body is gained from the ancient preservations of personal objects as well from distinctive portrayals, paintings and carvings, etc, found in the ancient tombs of Egypt.

One of the most amazing things that should be notable is the ornamentation used by ancient Egyptians with metals which are still used today. They produce the skill full jewellery with hardworking. Their work was a tremendous piece of art. They made engraved, soldered and adorned jewellery as well. They also made jewellery with metals like gold and silver and adorn the jewellery with enamel, glasses and gemstones. The most loveable and appreciable jewellery of Egyptian culture was from the era of 18th dynasty.

Cultures which were well known in the field of making jewellery were Middle Eastern from 2nd and 3rd millennium. They introduced the techniques in granulation tissue, decoration of gems, decoration with enamel, etc. the cameo cutting art arises with the rapid use of Roman and Greek jewellery. A technique named medieval technique introduced in the 7th century. With this technique garnet slices were used in the cells of metal. Many other types of jewellery which were unique came into knowledge in the start of 17th and 18th century.

Gold is a metal which was known as the metal of gods and comes from the sun. The pure form of the gold is 24 carat. It is a soft and lead like metal because it bends easily for making jewellery. In ancient times gold was mixed with other metals to make the ancient jewellery durable. That is why the gold jewellery is provided in 10 carat, 14 carat and 18 carat gold instead of pure 24 carat. The 10 carat is that state in which the lowest quantity of gold is used. This kind of act is only made to cover the plates of other metal with gold which later were used to make the costume jewellery.
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