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By: Code Blue
Niacin of coffee contains vitamin B. After roasted, the content is higher and there are free fatty acids, caffeine and tannic acid. Coffee can promote metabolism, active digestive organs and have a great effect to constipation. Using coffee powder to take a bath is a warm therapy, which has an effect to lose weight. Drinking a cup of coffee after drunk will make the transition from alcohol rapid oxidation of acetaldehyde decomposition into water and carbon dioxide excrete. In order to eliminate fatigue, you must supply nutrition, rest and sleep to promote metabolic functions, while the coffee has these features.

You had best not to drink coffee early in the morning and the best prime time is 10:00, which is after breakfast time. It not only protects the stomach, but also refresh. It is vitality switch for a day. After 15:00, you do not drink coffee, because caffeine in the body needs six hours to metabolize, which ensure that it does not interfere with sleep quality.

Drinking black coffee is the best weapon to against puffy with empty stomach, but it will stimulate the stomach. If you really want to drink, you had best to add fresh milk, so not only more comprehensive nutrition higher on the taste and flavor of fresh extra points also milk up.

Caffeine is a substance which is able to eliminate sleepiness, but its efficacy is not only this. According to the results, it also has the effect to promote brain activation. Coffee can promote brain memory to increase. Through ingestion of caffeine, you can inhibit the formation of adenosine, and also generates promote brain activity of dopamine, the brain more active.

Caffeine does not only act on the brain, according to the study, it also promote metabolism and fat burning effect, which means that is the female’s partner. Caffeine also increases the efficiency of muscle movement; it is also suitable for athletes.

Coffee not only contains minerals and vitamins, it also contains a lot of anti-aging and has natural antioxidants. In North America the intake of antioxidants through from fruits and vegetables coffee intake is far less than the amount. From this, we can see coffee has some effects to the females.

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