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By: Ian Eallard
Classical piano songs are available in plenty. They can range from invigorating types to the very relaxing types. There are classical piano songs for all moods and all kinds of people. Some of the styles in which classical piano songs are played are known as classical piano music styles. They include piano concerto, piano sonata, piano trio, piano quintet and solo piano. Solo piano alone includes various piano styles like polonaise, mazurka, ballade, nocturne, waltz, etude and scherzo.

If we address the issue of beginners or novice students then, what would be the best route to take should one be interested in taking lessons? I'm also assuming for simplicity's sake that the lessons are not necessarily private lessons, but let's open it up to all venues such as internet piano lessons whether online or by purchasing at-home courses and also we can include perhaps self-taught students in the traditional sense who buy theory books and store-bought instructional aids. The point I'm trying to get to though is this- The most well rounded and most thoroughly trained pianists are not only able to read music in a classical sense, but can execute that music in a skillful and musical way. Plus, these pianists have the ability, whether through training or natural talent, to learn songs by ear.

For anyone studying popular classical music, it can be a daunting task to know where to begin. There are so many great pieces that a beginner can get overwhelmed. Here are 10 of the most popular classical pieces with a brief background of each. There are many others, of course, but these 10 are certainly among the most popular classical pieces of all time.

Clair de Lune is a piece by Claude Debussy, a French composer. It is the third and most popular movement of the larger Suite berg masque. It is played pianissimo and is largely in D-flat major, with a shift to E major toward the end. Clair de Lune has been taught to students of popular classical piano for years and is prominently featured in movies and television shows.

The Hallelujah Chorus is part of George Frederic Handel's Messiah. The text is from a libretto by Charles Jennens, who adapted parts of the Old and New Testaments for his composition. The Hallelujah Chorus is taken from the book of Revelation, and it is customary for audiences to stand during this movement of the Messiah.

Various composers have contributed to the composition of classical piano songs. Learners can sometime get confused from which classical composer or classical piano songs they should continue. As a matter of fact the selection of classical piano songs depends on individual tastes, preferences and skills. There are various classical piano tutorials now available online to make the learning process easy and simple. They teach the memorizing technique of the underlying chords in the songs.

Piano Tutorial Online:

Now, you can learn the secrets of piano mastery so that you could impress your friends and family members and play the instrument like a professional. But, without the right tools and guidance, it might take several years and cost a small fortune to unlock the secrets of successful piano playing skills. But, thanks to the vast online resources available these days, you can learn to play the piano at ease and quickly. You can visit the online tutorial on piano where several experts extend tips and offer lessons for various levels with video instructions for you to become an expert in piano playing in a short time. You can check it out in the best and free online piano tutorial -

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