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By: Rudy Silva
Almost all women love diamond earrings. This jewelry can be purchased by women themselves as their investment or gifts for themselves or can be purchased by their lovers, husbands, fiancée, friends or family.

Sometimes, it does not require to have an occasion in order to send someone jewelry, whether custom diamond jewelry or standard jewelry. But certainly, people love to send gifts during birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, promotions or any other events that resulted positively or successfully.

Jewelry can be bought from jewelry stores in the mortar-and-brick world. You can find many of them near your area. The yellow pages in the telephone directory can help you find the one closest to you. There are also billboards on the street displaying jewelry such as diamond earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings and the name of the jewelry store.

You can also log on the internet and find beautifully-crafted diamond jewelry sold online. However, you have to have at least basic knowledge on diamonds to prevent fraud and anomalies. For sure, you do not want to be fooled with a fake diamond on your earrings.

Diamonds have varied prices according to their clarity, color and shape. Some of the lowest-priced diamonds are very small like 0.25 carat. But there are chances that these diamonds may have flaws. Larger diamonds have higher prices, and you can be assured that it is easy to spot flaws in them.

If you are particular with carat weight and size, and something within your budget, you can start looking at a diamond from 0.25 carat and up. Consider shapes such as round, square, and asscher. For clarity, consider SI1 and SI2. For color grade, an I or J is pretty good.

The prices for diamond earrings vary from store to store. You will also have to pay attention to the diamond grading. Slightly tinted diamonds have a grading of I-J in color, and I2 in clarity.

Nevertheless, if you have a wider budget range, then you can explore other options from reputable and large diamond jewelry stores. These stores offer diamonds in greater carat, with more clarity, more varied shapes, cuts and colors. Diamonds are determined according to the 4 Cs, which are the Carat weight, Clarity, Color and Cut.

The Carat weight is the unit of weight used to measure diamonds. One carat is subdivided into 100 points, hence, one carat equals 0.20 grams. The Clarity determines the purity or clearness of diamonds. The Clarity is ascertain by the number, size, nature and location of the internal and external flaws or imperfections.

The Color determines the amount of color a diamond has. The color can range from colorless or clear to yellow with tints of gray, brown or yellow. It can also range from brown to intense yellow, blue, pink, red and green. These fancy colors of diamonds are more expensive because they are rare.

Diamond earrings and other diamond jewelry are also determined according to their Cut or shape. Cut means the facets in a finished diamond and how such facets are proportioned in the gem’s diamond. The proportions define the fire and brilliance of diamond.

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