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By: Alice Adelson
It is important to have the right greenhouse installed in your garden after careful scrutiny of what exactly your requirements are. If you are a debutante gardener, choose a low maintenance greenhouse that is small in size. Expert gardeners can experiment with Eden greenhouse varieties and Halls greenhouses available at Avinou-Green.

Remember: while cost comparisons are inevitable when you choose a greenhouse, do not zero in for the cheapest model you find. Instead, look for cost effectiveness. Sometimes, the cheapest models might not last long and may need heavy duty maintenance. Browse through our set of five tips to make sure you have cheap greenhouses that fits your needs well at Avinou-Green.

Realize that aluminium greenhouse models are the best for beginners.

There are many people who believe that timber, (particularly cedar wood greenhouses), are great options to have in their gardens since they are maintenance free. Wrong! Wooden greenhouses may be cheaply available but they need a lot of oiling, scrubbing, and moisture suction activities to help them stay durable for long. Instead when you choose aluminium models, you only have to give them a wash once a year and they are good to go!

Opt for aluminium greenhouses since they are strong and sturdy.

When you have greenhouses at home, they are constantly in danger of overhanging branches falling over them, fruits falling over, balls and play things damaging the walls, and other accidents. Wooden greenhouses are prone to damage even in the case of tiny collisions. On the other hand, when you choose an Eden greenhouse, made of aluminium, you have a durable model with high resistance to collision and damage, saving you lots of money.

You do not have to bother about moisture retention in the greenhouse.

Aluminium greenhouses are only slightly affected in the case of moisture retention, as opposed to wooden models that are completely damaged and mold-infected when exposed to water. You are thus, saved the costs of ensuring that there is no moisture exposure to your greenhouse walls, if you buy Halls greenhouses, which are available at Avinou-Green, built of aluminium.

Aluminium greenhouses provide easy access and loads of ventilation.

Most aluminium greenhouses are built with lots of importance attached to ventilation and easy access. There are doors, windows, panels, and lots of empty space in the greenhouse, particularly if you buy an Eden greenhouse model or Halls greenhouses from Avinou-Green. Thus, if you are looking for inexpensive greenhouses for your garden, we highly recommend browsing through our assortment of greenhouses made of aluminium.

Opt for aluminium lean to greenhouses to save costs even more.

Lean to greenhouses lean on an auxiliary structure and are far sturdier than normal models. If you are looking for a greenhouse that would further lower down costs, try browsing through the numerous lean to greenhouses available at Avinou-Green.

We hope this five-point list helps you choose the best possible cheap greenhouses for your garden. As always, if there are doubts you have, we are ready to help you make a choice.

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