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By: tate
2010 A Guide To Buying A Cheap Engagement ring
Engagement rings are thought to be expensive because traditionally, they are made of diamond stones. However, once you know how to carefully choose a cheap diamond, a beautiful engagement ring will not cost you too much. Included here are six techniques on choosing the right diamond at a cheaper price.

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Tip #1: Buy loose diamonds

Stones that are set on ring metals usually cost more than the loose diamonds. The flaws of the set diamonds may not be visible and the color not easily determined because of the setting, making appraisal of the stone difficult. As such, it is much easier to appraise and value loose diamonds.

Tip #2: Dealers are more preferred than retailers

Making the purchase directly from a dealer can help you avoid high mark ups that retailers put on top of the price. But if you do not have previous contacts with diamond dealers, you may have some problems.

Tip #3: Purchase diamonds online

One of the best options is making your diamond purchase online; there is a variety of choices at reasonable prices. You will surely end up with a cheap yet beautiful engagement ring if you know how to make a safe online purchase.

Tip #4: Apply the 4Cs on your diamond purchase.

Your best technique is to learn how to distinguish the quality of the diamond and apply the 4Cs on your purchase. These are:

• Cut: The stone’s cut determines its brilliance. A diamond with a high cut grading normally costs higher. However, going below a good cut grade might give you a diamond that noticeably lost its brilliance.

• Color: Color grading determines if the stone is of the expensive rare colorless or the cheap light yellow. You will significantly save if you choose to downgrade a step or two without having a noticeable difference.

• Clarity: The brilliance of the diamond is not determined by its clarity grade as it only refers to the presence of inclusions. Therefore you can save on the price if you choose a diamond that is eye-clear.

• Carat: Carat changes do not go smoothly with the price changes. A significant increase in the price occurs with a carat rise of exactly half (.5) or a whole number. To get a cheap but beautiful engagement ring, buy one that is a little shy of your carat preference.

Tip #5: Its shape can make a stone appear larger.

The shape of a stone can make a diamond larger, depending on the cut type. A Princess cut diamond for example; it may look larger than a Round Brilliant cut diamond of the same carat. In addition, you will save on carat value with a Princess Cut diamond because it has the second best brilliance.

Tip #6: Selecting the best setting

You may choose white gold over platinum because it costs only half as much. Also, one cannot even tell the difference between white gold that’s 14K and 15K. his, you can save on the 14k but still get a beautiful engagement ring. I strongly recommend you check out Review For our full in-depth review or you can go and check out Best Diamond For Your Money So you can be sure you buy the best diamond for your money

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