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By: Mariam Gleber
Many consumers are choosing Organically grown and free range food nowadays for numerous reasons. Vegetables and fruits are a staple in any healthy and balanced diet plan but because nutritious food can cost a lot of money a lot of people are turning to growing their own. Maybe this is something that you have wanted to try but you haven't got a clue where to start, then this article is about to lay out some of the basic principles you will need to think about.

Why would you want to try growing vegetables?

The primary reason for taking up gardening is that the food just tastes nicer, plain and simple. Despite the health benefits, when you've grown them yourself your veggies are nicer than store-bought ones since those are mass farmed and full of artificial treatments.

Veggies grown at home do taste great, but as an added bonus they are also a lot better for your health. A number of harmful chemicals are used in large scale agricultural methods which can harm your health.

Organic farming alleviates this somewhat but supermarkets are reluctant to sell them due to lower profits. If you grow food in your own yard you can fully control whether any growth aids will be used on your food . Because you are caring for a somewhat modest vegetable patch you will have more time to use natural methods of controlling pest populations.

It might also work out to be kinder on your wallet. Apart from some basic equipment, some soil and some seeds to get going, the ongoing maintenance costs are on the low side when you're growing your own veggies at home. Considering the cost per yield of things for instance white potatos, fruit trees and more and you can virtually eat for free.

Things to know

The overall concept is not difficult to grasp but there are some basics you will benefit by knowing. Certain fruits and vegetables require more maintenance than others, some will only grow in different temperatures and others need differing amounts of space. Because of this it's an advisable to chart the entire years growing and to do this you will need to know enough about what it is that you are doing. Folks with a small garden but a good plan can make the best use of their small amount of space by growing things at the exact right time so later in the year the same area can be used for something else.

Cultivation is also important, because the way that you cultivate your crops can make a big difference to how long they last. Harvesting your fruits and veg at the wrong time, or incorrectly cutting fruit from a tree will out an end to it's output before it's ready.

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