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By: John
The classic sights and sounds of a string symphony at a concert are quite the joy for ones senses and require some basic instruments, which in harmony create magic for the ears. An electric cello is a modern twist to the acoustic cello with several benefits over the traditional and plaintive sounds of the latter, since instead of the usual acoustic resonance, it uses electronic amplification. As a result, it is amenable to various kinds of sound modification and distortion along with a whole range of sound possibilities, which could put its former avatar to shame. Though the electric cello has made significant impact over the modern music industry, it still has to gain the same renown as the electric guitar or its closer ally, the electric violin. However, several attempts by contemporary rock bands like the Apocalyptica have helped the instrument gain popularity. Cello strings are available in a variety of natural and synthetic materials. Though one can find cello string made from animal hide, like sheep or goatskin and manmade materials like Perlon, most cello strings these days are usually fashioned from metals like chromium and titanium. And as one would find in the modern cello industry, many cellists actually use different combinations of strings to achieve the desired pitch on their instrument.

Another very popular contemporary of the electric cello is the electric violin, which, similar to the electric cello has an enhanced sound capacity due to its electrical sound output. The electric amplification that we see in the case of electric violins is accomplished by means of a violin pickup, which is a transducer with the ability to capture the mechanical and sonorous vibrations from the violin and convert it into electrical signals that may be used for either amplification for enhanced musical performance or recorded for a later stage. The commonly used varieties of violin pickup include magnetic pickups and piezo pickups. Though the electric violin was introduced in the market as early as the 1920’s it is only of late that they have picked up a huge audience and clientele among distinguished violinists, especially from the jazz and blues genre.

In modern symphony orchestra, double bass, or string bass remains to be the largest bowstring instrument with the deepest pitch, ranging from the strings E1, A2, G2 and D2. Double bass string, forms a standard and important member of the orchestra and finds favour in various music genres like jazz, blues grass, country folk, folk rock and even rock and roll. Being a string instrument, like the violin and cello, a bassist uses either a bow or his fingers to pluck the double bass strings, which are generally made from metallic materials and have replaced the original gut strings.

In the family of bowed string instruments, the viola string happens to be the middle child, between the violin and its deeper pitched sibling, the cello. Though the viola string, in its construction, closely parallels the violin, it differs from it in size, and the method of playing which includes different fingerings as compared to the violin.

About the Author:
John S. is an author of this article who writes about the various string instruments like Cello String, Electric Violin and Violin Pickup. He has also mentioned some ideas for taking Electric Cello, Double Bass String and Viola String from a string instrumental shop.

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