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By: Christopher Beck
Before the storage auction reality shows premiered, storage auctions were a great way to make money reselling second hand merchandise. You would see the same faces every day and everyone had a good time at the auctions. Most importantly, "the regulars" bid conservatively and everyone was able to purchase a unit at a reasonable price. Everyone made money. Nowadays, that's just not the case.

The newcomers came to storage auctions with a distorted sense of reality, which is understandable, considering the storage auction reality shows flaunt amazing finds in almost every episode. These misrepresentations seduced newcomers causing them to overpay for their storage units. They hoped that they would find something valuable hidden inside the unit that would make up for their frivolous spending. Unfortunately, a lot of people lost their hard earned money.

The newcomers weren't the only people harmed by the over-embellishment of storage unit auctions. The regulars are the true victims here. These are the people who depend on storage auctions and a consistent flow of merchandise, to put food on their table. Most of the regulars own resale stores, flea market booths or home based resale businesses. Some of the regulars were forced to close down their business because their supply of merchandise was interrupted. They can no longer make a profit with the prices of storage units being so high.

What's good for TV isn't always good for an industry. These shows have been on the air for years now and they're still causing serious problems for everyone who depends on storage unit auctions to make a living. Is there an end in sight? Well, perhaps America will get bored watching the same exaggerated drama week after week and the storage auction reality shows will get canceled. I'm sure most professional storage auction buyers are ready for things to get back to normal, although, I think the storage auction business will never be like it was before.
T.C. Lane is a writer who focuses on news and information about storage auctions in the United States. Visit for more information.

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