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By: Monstergardens
Hydroponics is a forty year old gardening technique that has been accepted to various situations from outdoor fields and indoor greenhouse to high-tech submarines as to get fresh vegetables and fruits. The technique allows plants to grow without soil. It uses an inert medium to which a nutrients rich solution is added that gives essentially required nutrients to the growing plant. As no soil is used to grow plants, hydroponics is also known as ‘soilless culture’.

Presently, hydroponics gardening is majorly used at homes to grow all types of plants that too within regulated surroundings, despite of the time and natural weather. To be more precise, hydroponics techniques are most appropriate for roof gardens due to the following advantages:
. Hydroponics tanks weigh less than a soil-filled cultivator
. Automated water supply
. Roof gardens can be easily serviced with water and electricity
. No need to mix organic fertilizers

For hydroponics garden at your home, all you need is an appropriate place with ample space, spare time, and right materials. When talking about places in your home for your hydroponics gardening then a corner in the kitchen, a spare closet, store room, basement, and rarely used dining room, etc. are some of the suggestions. Besides place, materials that are required for this type of gardening are reverse osmosis water system, water pump, air pump, hydroponic grow lights, seeds, fill drain fittings, nutrients, and tuning.

These hydroponics supplies are essential for the effective and proper growth of your plants. Thus, it is advisable to use best indoor grow lights, reservoirs, and other materials. Today, besides shopping outlets, various online portals have also come up offering these supplies at reasonable prices. Therefore, if you are planning for a hydroponics garden at your place then you can easily and promptly avail all required material from such online portals.

Hydroponics technique can be done in six variant types. Wick system, water culture system, ebb and flow system, drip system, N.F.T. system, and aeroponic system are the types of hydroponics. Every type has its own different quality to grow plants; therefore it should be selected as per the requirements. However, plant grow lights and other materials are essential for every type.

Importance of hydroponic gardening

Hydroponics gardening is important because of the following reasons.

Hydroponics gardening is not costly as the infra-structure can be easily done at any place for your home. All you require is essential hydroponics supplies and adequate knowledge about minerals and nutrient combination present in the water.

Anywhere, any season
Hydroponics gardening can be done at anywhere that too regardless of the time of the year and outdoor weather.

Higher and faster output
Yield by the hydroponics plants are higher and faster than the traditional methods. Thus, you get better quality and quantity.

Almost no manual labor
In hydroponics, manual labor is almost zero in comparison to the traditional methods.

No soil erosion
No chances of soil erosion as there is no soil is used in hydroponics techniques.

These are the few main reasons behind the importance and popularity of hydroponics.

To conclude with, hydroponics is one of the best techniques to grow plants, especially in the areas having vast non-arable lands like deserts. Moreover, with the help of grow light bulbs, water reservoirs, seeds and other hydroponics supplies, everyone can do it. For more information visit:

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