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By: Rudy Silva
The first thing that you need to determine when buying sterling silver charm bracelets is the authenticity of the sterling silver. Sterling silver is a silver alloy which has 92.5% weight of silver, and 7.5% weight of other metals such as copper. The genuine sterling silver standard has a minimum of 925 millesimal fineness.

A charm bracelet is worn on your wrist. Each bracelet is graced with charms, which have a variety of designs, shapes, style and color. In most cases, charm bracelets are chosen for significant reasons, such as having a meaningful sentimental value. Charm bracelets come in three types or designs.

The traditional type is a dangling charm bracelet. It is called "charm" because the motifs symbolize traditional “something”. The foundation of dangling charm bracelet is composed of interlocking links. Other than sterling silver, charm bracelets are also made of white gold, yellow gold, and stainless steel.
Besides sterling silver, dangling charm bracelet can be made from yellow gold, white gold, and stainless steel. The charms are attached to the bracelet links and dangle on your wrist. Generally, the charms may be in the form of birthstones, baby booties, engraved hearts and initials.
If you could observe children’s jewelry, you would notice that they are either sterling silver charm bracelets or gold charm bracelets. The links on this jewelry can be adjusted as the child grows. Moreover, the charms are customizable to fit the child’s interests.
The charms on the Italian charm bracelet interlock with each other to resemble a watch band. The Italian charms are modular with flat links that are hooked together. The individual pieces are soldered flat onto the surface of the link.

The motifs for Italian charms are musical, religious symbols, cartoon characters, a nation’s flag, national leaf, or national hero. In a traditional dangling charm bracelet, the charms are fixed on the chain. However, in Italian bracelet, the charms can be interchanged to fit your fashion style.
The last type of charm bracelet is the Pandora. Also known as European, Pandora's sterling silver charm bracelets are the latest addition to charm jewelry. Its design and style are a product of technology with its beads as the charms. The beads are snapped-on around the bracelet, which resembles a rope. The charms are also interchangeable.
Besides knowing the types of a bracelet for charms, it is also important to know its purpose. You can buy charm jewelry as a present for birthday, wedding anniversary, thanksgiving, and graduation.
If you have a best friend or good friends, you all can wear a uniform sterling silver charm bracelet to symbolize or celebrate your friendship. New born babies receive their first present from their parents in the form of a charm bracelet, whether yellow gold or white gold. Even if you have no particular reason to buy charm bracelet, having it for fashion and beauty can a wise decision.
To make it special and memorable, look for shops that offer personalized services such as “design your own.” Groups and organizations make use of this customized service to have their group’s name engraved on the charms.
Married and engaged couples are not left behind with this fashion. Sterling silver charm bracelets grace their wrists to symbolize their vows and love.
Visit now, to learn about charms. Our site gives you tips on buying silver bracelets. Want to know how to choose a charm bracelet? There are certain things to look for in a sterling charm bracelet. Come to our site at Sterling silver charm bracelets and discover hot tips in choosing your bracelet.

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