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By: Denis Smith
Music can shape lives, define generations and cross borders. The invention of the iPod has made it even easier to create and access your very own personal soundtrack to life.

Capable of storing thousands of individual tracks, this definitive MP3 player is an essential piece of equipment for any music lover and has proven to be an international sensation. Techfocus offers an extensive range of iPod Accessories to enable you to use your iPod to the max, so you can listen to your favourite tracks anytime, anywhere.

Here are some of our bestsellers:

1. iPod Car Charger: This charger plugs into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle. It has a built in fuse to prevent any damage to your iPod should there be problem with the electrics on your vehicle and it also prevents your iPod's battery from overcharging.

2. iPod Mains Travel Charger: This device recharges your iPod's battery and is an essential item for any iPod owner. It will also work in Europe with the correct adapter and prevents the battery from overcharging.

3. iPod Nano Silicon Skin: A stylish silicone skin for the Apple iPod Nano. It protects your iPod from any unwanted knocks and scrapes. It is also compatible with our armband, making it ideal for use when exercising.

4. iPod Nano Aluminum Case: A stylish aluminum case with neoprene lining for the iPod Nano. This case is very light and fits perfectly around your Nano, the neoprene lining prevents scratches on the inside and the hard aluminum prevents knocks and scrapes on the outside. All buttons and sockets remain accessible when the skin is fitted.

5. iPod Foldable Portable Speakers: This handy speaker set has built-in volume controls and produces a very high quality crisp sound when connected to an iPod.

6. iPod Nano Sports Armband: A stylish sports armband for the iPod Nano. This armband is made from a quality porous material which prevents it sticking to your skin, ideal for use when exercising.

Techfocus specialises in iPod accessories - -Creative Zen accessories, PC Peripherals and GPS accessories.

For more information please contact:
The Elms

Tel: 0845 8620 120
Fax: 0845 8620 219

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