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By: Ramanuj Dasgupta
It’s just the seven notes which matters in music. Nothing is possible without the seven notes which sometimes make your life beautiful and sometimes takes you to a deep sea of sorrow. How many times do you listen to music every day? Uncountable! Music have power over your thoughts, your emotions and your beautiful memories, it has become an essence of everyone’s life. “I” is the perfect letter for music; it’s important, integral, intimidating, inspiring and intimate for your life. Life would become a lonely place to live in the absence of music; it always makes you feel good about yourself. Let’s try to bring out the changes which have taken place in the music industry.
What kind of music do you prefer? Do you listen to music online or still use the record medium to listen to the tracks? How music has affected your life? And many aspects of music would be discussed in this article. Music is mainly about expressing yourself through the notes; it actually reveals your inner personality and also brings out the actual “you”. Nowadays the music industry is going through several changes; it’s not only the regional music which people are listening but different genre of music. It’s a Music revolution which is happening all around the world. Starting from the classical music to the hip hop music, it’s the best time for the world music industry when they are coming up with good music.
Are you confused in your life? Do you always feel neglected? Does negative thoughts present all around your mind? Let music take away all the negative things from your life, you would definitely experience an all new change in you. Music gives confidence to people; it gives them the power to do anything and everything in life. Want to learn music? Learn music from the best in the industry; attend the seminar on music organized by some of the best Music Teacher in Kolkata. It would not only increase your knowledge about music but would also help you to understand music in a better way. Do a little bit of research online on the history of music; you would start loving music more and more.
It’s not so easy to make it big in the music world; more and more people want to earn name, fame and money through the music world. Music industry gives a big platform to people with the right skills; it’s more similar to “survival of the fittest” where you must have the patience to survive. Everyday some or the other singers are coming up with their music album, it’s only some of them who actually succeed and get work. Before you try your luck in the music industry, it’s very important that you get the proper training and enter with all the preparation. There is no scope for mistakes. One mistake and you are simply out of the game. Whether you want to be a Bhajan Singer or interested in pop music, it’s your hard work and passion which would help you to get success. Bhajan Singer in Kolkata have come up with a new music album, it’s becoming popular all around the world.

Author Bio: Music is the melodious string that connects me to my life” …..Says Music Teacher in Kolkata, Starting from Classical, Bhajan to Gazal, his versatility & talent extends up to Bengali’s own culture, like Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul Geeti, and Shyama Sangeet to Adhunik songs and Music Director in Kolkata
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