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By: Garrison Potter
Gemstones need no introduction as people are well aware of its remedial, mystical properties. Its power to add beauty and style to any jewelry through its different colours and cuts is also the reason behind its recognition by people. From among all gemstones, diamonds are the most favorite gemstones which can be worn without any astrologer’s advice too but there are some gemstones which should only be worn after taking advice of a good astrologer. There are two such gemstones, i.e. :

1. Sapphire - Sapphires are second most hard gemstone after diamond. It comes in various colours like green, salmon, purple, lavender honey etc. But among all available colours of Sapphires, blue sapphire and pink sapphire are the favorite among people due to its attractive colour and purpose. They are taken as most durable sapphires. Pink sapphire is the girl’s best friend after diamond .It is worn by women at eve of engagement and taken as a symbol of love too.

For astrological purpose, blue sapphire is the most effective sapphire. It is also known as Neelam Stone. It is the birth stone for September born people and can bring luck to them. It is also called anniversary stone and people usually gift this on their 5th, 25th, 45th yrs of marriage anniversary to their partner.

However, it must be worn after taking guidance of a good astrologer. It is the stone related to planet Saturn and astrologers recommends not to wear it directly but to keep it under pillow for trial. If the person is getting pleasant dreams, it means it will suit him otherwise, it must not be worn.

If it suits to the person, it brings sudden luck, wealth and opportunities to the wearer .It is said that it can bring back lost materials of past too. It also favors in matter of health, off springs, mental peace, reputation etc. It is also called a protective gemstone and it is believed that if it is with the person, no crime, disasters or danger can harm him.

It has medical properties too. It can save from poison of scorpions bites .To do this a simple process have to be followed, that is, to keep neelam stone in water for sometime and from that water place of scorpion bite is to be washed. It is also worn in form of talisman to protect the wearer from evil eyes. If any danger or conspiracy is near to wearer, it changes its colour. It is worn by people to make the saturn favorable to them or reduce its bad effects.

2. Hessonite – It is the gemstone related to Rahu and also called as Gomedh .It comes in colour of cow’s urine or honey colour. Rahu is taken as the planet which can give a hard push or pull to the person if favors or disfavors accordingly. Rahu Kaal comes in life of a person for 18 yrs so hessonite is usually worn by people during such period. It saves from bad dreams, communicable diseases like leprosy, poisoning of any kind, spirits, ghosts etc. It is the gemstone which should not be worn for whole life but for some small sub period when there is need to wear it to make move of rahu planet in favour. It must be worn after astrological advice as it can make or destroy both a person.

In short, neelam stone and blue sapphire are two great non- diamond precious gemstones but should not be worn without advice of a good astrologer.

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