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By: Johnny Harman
Being a DJ can be the ideal job for any music lover. Many think being successful as a music DJ can lead to a well-paid and daling lifestyle.

Obviously creating a playlist for you and your friends to enjoy may seen like good preparation, may seen like useful preparation, but playing music to hundreds of people on a regular basis is completely different.

Below I have provided 5 tips on how to break into the industry and more importantly how to be a successful DJ.

Get practice It will always be intimidating playing to your first audience this is why practise is so important. Not just for calming nerves but also for audience feedback. It is useful to see what works, what songs go together and if you set list is a hit. Don't spend time and energy working away on one set only for it not go down well. Experiment and practise DJiing to as many people as you can, the important thing to remember is: practise does make perfect.

Spread your name Create flyers or business cards depending on the type of DJ you are, this will ensure your name becomes known within the local music scene. Don't be too ambitious and try to achieve world domination overnight, being successful in your local area will give you a strong ground when trying to make your name in other areas. Create social media pages so friends and fans can find out when your next gig is and for them to leave feedback and to communicate with you.

Have the right accessories If a someone has paid for you to DJ at their event make sure you provide, don't in all circumstances turn up unprepared without the right accessories. Ask ahead so you know what equipment to bring with you such as leads, sound equipment and even stands for your turntables and mixers. Lighting can also improve any set giving the audience more of a live show rather than just being immersed in the music being played. Always ask ahead of a show to know what is expected of you.

Have the right equipment It is always key to look and sound the part but to do this you need to have the rightdj equipment. Don't cut costs as bad quality products will sound bad and it is more likely to break, which can be embarrassing when in the middle of a set. Having the best equipment will make the most of your set and you can experiment more. I have met DJs in the past who have arrived to a gig with just an iPod, this does not look professional and there is no skill in this type of "DJ-ing".

Play the right music If you are a young DJ trying to create a name for yourself in the industry, you are more likely to be successful if you have your own style and genre. Drum and Bass,Garage and Dubstep Djs are emerging all over the country however if you DJ for events this type of music will be incompatible. Always listen to requests from the audience too if they have paid for your set, you should always listen to the music they want playing, it could help for future reference.

DJing is a difficult industry to break into and to have a successful career from, however it is achievable. It is always best to ensure you have suitable equipment with you at all times and for you know your industry.

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