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By: R Finch
The petrol lawnmowers are the strongest variety of lawn mowers and most suitable to work on a large lawns. The greatest advantage of this kind of lawn mower is it does not have a wire attached with it and therefore, you can conveniently navigate it the way you want. Moreover, there is no risk of running over the electrical cord while controlling the equipment forwards and backwards. The maintenance of this kind of mower is not costly and if done on a regular basis, it gives a very good service.

Petrol lawn mowers come in an extensive range and what you have to do is to select the right one for your lawn. These mowers are available in various forms like,

Roller Rotary Mowers: It comes with a rear roller and offers a traditional striped finish. With this kind of roller navigating the ground is easy and you can do formal lawns as well as semi rough areas.

Wheeled Rotary Mowers: For the lawns without striped finish, this type is perfect. Using a rotary cutting action with four wheels, this mower is suitable for finer areas as well as for paddocks.

Hover, Flail and Wheeled Trimmers: This type is ideal for sloped lawns and banks. For overgrown gardens or coarse grass areas Wheeled Trimmers offer the best solution.

Cylinder Mowers: If you want the finest finish, then the cylinder mowers with scissor like cutting action can be the best. Rather than longer grass conditions, it is mostly suitable for formal lawns.

With good care and maintenance petrol lawn mowers can offer excellent service and last long.

5 Tips for maintaining petrol lawnmowers:

Change the oil regularly.

Make sure that the blade is in good condition.

Change or clean the spark plug on a regular basis. The spark plugs should be checked regularly to estimate how long the mower will last. A corrosion or discolouration on the spark plug is vital indicator of engine wear. If the tip of the plug is black you have to understand that the engine is burning oil.

Check for cracks in the wire casing, as well as the overall condition of the engine.A routine maintenance of the auto mobile engine is important to identify certain types of corrosion.

Change the air filter on a regular basis because if the filter gets clogged, the engine will be deprived of air and gradually die out more.

While for the small lawns, small and easily portable mowers are better; on a broader area a big petrol-powered mower is perfect. And when finish is considered, for getting a lawn with longer grasses a mower with a higher cutting setting is preferred, while for fine and soft finished lawn a cylinder mower and for flattening the grass and getting the ideal stripes, a rear roller is used. Though the initial investment for petrol lawnmowers is high but it saves money in the long run because its maintenance does not take much. In the market you can get large options of petrol mowers and it depends on you, which kind you want to pick up. While choosing a mower, take care of certain things, like, the size of the lawn and the kind of finish required.

R Finch is an experienced author who has written many articles on lawn mowers. He has a thorough knowledge on various lawn mowing items and offers us some valuable suggestions of maintaining petrol lawnmowers. For more information to visit

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