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By: Jill Hopper
When you have a pest control problem you hire an exterminator but sometimes you need the help of a good handyman to also help prevent pests those pests too. Handyman services can prevent little problems that can turn into big pest issues. Here are a few places that a handyman can help keep you home in good repair as well as pest-free.

Gutter Cleaning

Did you know that ants, termites, spiders can nest in your gutters and on your roof just as easily as they can on the ground? When your gutters are full of decaying leaf litter and other detritus, they can become a breeding ground for insects. Overflowing gutters also create puddles and wet area around the foundation that attract other pests.

The insects attracted by the moist environment can draw rodents to your home. Rodents often feed on bugs, and they will seek out an easy meal. Once these pests are in your gutters, it’s an easy path to the eaves and the attic. They can end up doing damage to your roof and walls.

A handyman can remove the organic materials clogging you gutters and make sure they stay free of bugs and pests.


Bugs and rodents are supposed to be outside. They serve a purpose in nature and should remain where they belong. If outside is where they belong, how do they end up inside?

Most pests come in through small cracks and holes in your home’s armor. Caulking is one of your home’s best defenses against pests. A little breach in the foundation is enough for a mouse or a family of rats to slip through. Even a little hole in the caulking can admit pests. Employing regular handyman services can keep your caulking in top condition.

Deck Repair

Your deck is often the best place to be in the warm months. It’s a great place to enjoy the outdoors while staying clear of damp ground. However, it may also harbor pests. A deck in poor repair won’t bring any summer joy, and it just might bring termites.

Decks are almost always made primarily of wood, the favored food or termites, carpenter ants and several other bugs. It the lumber used to build the deck was not pressure-treated or if it has started to rot, it attracts these pests. The distance from the deck to the structural elements of your home is short. A handyman will identify and repair any soft or rotten wood and make sure there is no evidence of insect damage.

Other Services

In addition to helping prevent pest infestations, your handyman can also help with smaller jobs around the house. From hanging pictures to installing shelves to changing the air filter or light bulbs, there are many ways to keep a handyman working. Most of these little jobs get put aside for more pressing matters. Letting little things slide can make your home less comfortable, less beautiful and less valuable.

Let a handyman keep things in good repair and your home will better retain its resale value.

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