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Disease & Illness
Author: John Dugan
Many couples are interested in experimenting with new and exciting activities, such as the famed threesome. The following sex tips will help make the experience go as smoothly as possible.(read entire article)
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Author: Sonja DeRose
First Nation peoples, like Native Americans, are respected by natural medicine practitioners for their insights into effective non-drug approaches for disease.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
Allergies are nobody’s friend, and that can include an erect penis. For various reasons, both allergies themselves and treatments for allergies can often present challenges for erections.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
When a man has a latex allergy, it can range from mild to severe. Here’s what a guy needs to know to maintain a healthy penis with a latex allergy.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
Many men regularly employ some form of visual aid, such as adult videos or photographs, in their masturbation routine. But there can be benefits in stepping away from the computer to masturbate.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
Having a severely bent penis (a condition known as Peyroniue’s disease) is often the result of damage to the tunica albuginea, which surrounds the anatomical parts known as the corpora cavernosa.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
A bent penis may not be a big deal to many, but in some cases the curvature can be extreme – and in rare cases, that may contribute to slight erectile issues.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
It may seem strange that what a guy eats could impact his erect penis, but it’s true. Fruits and vegetables that are rich in nitrates, a natural compound, can be helpful.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
When a man is faced with the idea of penis implants, he might be worried about many things, including his penis size and function. Here’s what a guy needs to know.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
Some people believe that blue balls are a myth. But it’s actually a big penis problem that can lead to lots of discomfort. Here’s what a guy needs to know.(read entire article)
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