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By: mukesh kumar
The Advent season is a magical time to spend with your family, a slow preparation which is a prelude to the joy of the day Christmas. We offer 10 suggestions to get an idea always ready to share with the whole family.

1. Prepare a advent calendar to mark the passing of days and the coming of Christmas. You can create one simply by hanging in a prominent place on the 24 cards with positive thoughts and good intentions.

2. Prepare a Christmas show they can make babies. Depending on the age you can choose a theme more or less simple, but always carefully preparing costumes and set design that will help them to immerse themselves in the part. On Christmas Eve can then present it before the whole family.

3. Choose a set of Christmas stories to read before bed. If you seek inspiration consult those who have chosen for you.

4. Visit an exhibition or a Museum of the crib. The site of Friends of the Crib you can find one closer to home and consult dates and times. You'll find interesting ideas to renew the nativity of each year, if you're used to it, and so you can involve children in setting.

5. Certainly there are many toys that children no longer use. If you are still in good condition informed by the Red Cross or some other organization which deliver less fortunate because some children can receive them as gifts. If they are damaged and you decide to throw them away do not forget recycling.

6. Help the children write their letter to Santa Claus. As far as possible avoid the prepared models of toy stores and invite the children to reflect on those who are their true desires. In most cases children can amaze us with their capacity for reflection, just give him a chance!

7. Get ready to welcome Santa Claus the night of 24. He traveled a lot, it's cold outside, and would appreciate a cup of milk and a slice of cake. Obviously, children need to be found asleep on his arrival but can participate in preparing a gift, such a nice Drawing Christmas.

8. Organize a ride in nature to collect decorations for the home. If you are lucky enough to live near a forest you will find pine cones, bark, dead branches that will give your home a magical atmosphere. Avoid, however, to tear branches or gather moss, thanks to your children as they will learn to respect nature.

9. If you organize Christmas lunch made by children at home to help decide the menu and cook a few dishes. For example, they will participate in the preparation of appetizers and tasks entrusted to him according to age more or less simple: wrap a slice of ham around breadsticks is within the reach of even the smallest, they will feel proud to help you. If you need some ideas check out our section dedicated to Christmas recipes.

10. Prepare carefully table for Christmas lunch. Think a few days before the decorations and centerpieces to have time to search and prepare the necessary material. If you're looking for some original ideas here are our suggestions.

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