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By: Vivek Ranjan
Abu Munir, was my role model and for all those who studied at Hope Hall. You must be wondering who he is and what he has done for his students to have made him their role model. Well, he was a lecturer in my college. I never missed a single lecture of his in those three years. His depth of knowledge and vocabulary was a tremendous source of inspiration to have turned me into one of his biggest fans. There was so much to learn from him. He always used to say knowledge is wealth, and the best part was that he proved it each time he took a lecture. I’m sure none of his students will ever forget the way he communicates with people. I never interrupted him whenever I got a chance to talk to him. I believe it was his way of delivering lectures with a wonderful vocabulary that made the entire class listen to him with complete silence.

A good vocabulary is the most important key to reading, writing and verbal expression. It even makes analytical thinking and critical thinking easy. Vocabulary skills in people can easily be judged by their writing and communication skills. People can express their vocabulary in any of the two ways such as either the written vocabulary words or their spoken vocabulary words. A good vocabulary skill helps readers to read any written documents in one go. In the same way, a bad vocabulary creates obstacles while reading anything. To read a note successfully people should have good knowledge of the words, and then only they will be able to pronounce it in the correct way. Children can be made good in vocabulary if they are brought up in a rich language environment which is where they can learn to have a good hold over the language. Children often learn language from their parents. Thus, parents should always use the correct vocabulary so that their children don’t make any mistake while speaking and writing. Many parents take the initiative and play vocabulary games with their children. It enhances their vocabulary.

Those who are not very good in it can also improve it. Vocabulary can be improved by reading novels, magazines and newspapers and even by watching films. The more you listen or read, the more you will improve at a faster rate. People also should consult dictionaries to use the right word in right place with a perfect pronunciation. The use of Internet these days also help to improve it in a better way. With the help of Google one can listen to the actual pronunciation of the words.

These days, the need of using the correct vocabulary is on the increase as many Multi National Companies are hiring skilled labor with a good vocabulary. In any interview, interviewers check the skills of the interviewees through their writing and communication skills. Moreover, one with good communication skills always gets the first preference. A good fluency also helps to build up confidence in a person.

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