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By: Clara lusa
We tend to think that play is the work of children. The Finnish playground (in Finnish, leikkialue) manufacturer Lappset has taken another approach to the subject matter. They want to encourage adults to play as well – and are even making playgrounds for that!

The idea of Lappset starts from the fact that we adults live busy life, full of performance and scoring. Play could be the alternative to that, action which gives adults the possibility relax and express themselves.

This way of thinking has a lot of potentially in itself. Adult life in first world countries is a continuous search of finding the balance between work and time without work. It is more than common to hear how stressed we are, and about the various ways to unstress ourselves. Why not think of play as the one?

I suppose here the world “play” do not mean playing squash, football, badminton or tennis with crazy look in eyes and eager to win the game in the soul. If I understand right, Lappset means play as playful, kind of a mental stage.

Wiktionary defines play as “liking play, prone to play frequently, such as a child or kitten; rather sportive”. The alternatives are “funny, humorous, jesting, frolicsome”, ”fun, recreational, not serious” and “experimental”, which all kind of sum up what kind of action is this relaxing and stress-free play.

But what good could come up from play, or being playful? Obviously lowering one’s stress level should work positively for everyone’s body. Also, playing is often exercise, and the best way to do that: because of fun, not because we have to. Playing can be the way to spend quality time with children and get some fresh air, if done outside. And last but not least: it is believed that being playful can be the reason your partner is choosing you, as the creative and fun person do not possess the threat to the children or family. And they can be more fun to live with, too!

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