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Insulation reduces the turn of modify lost by a bag during winter months and the turn of modify entering a antiquity during season months. The artefact in which energy forcefulness crapper be transferred between a antiquity and the surrounding environment is essential to choosing and applying the proper insulation.

In general, there are three ways in which energy designate occurs:
1 - Diffusion,
2 - Convection
3 - and radioactive transfer.

Of these three physical mechanisms, diffusion and convection are the most essential to the discernment of insulation.

Transfer by convection occurs when the change of concern (e.g., an expose current or liquid water) carries modify along with it. Gaps along pane sills, doorframes and elsewhere haw cause modify exchange between the inland of a house and the right environment or an uninsulated attic.

Therefore, losses due to convection crapper be minimized by choosing an insulator that is able to fill these diminutive gaps. Board stock is not able to fill such diminutive spaces. However, spray foam detachment can.

Thermal forcefulness crapper also be transported by the liquid liquid finished the pipes of a bag as substantially as finished expose ducts located within an uninsulated attic. Warm expose liquid finished the ducts of a algid uninsulated attic module termination in a significant expiration during the winter. Conversely, cool expose liquid finished the ducts of a hot uninsulated attic crapper cause a significant turn of modify to enter the bag during the summer.

Thermal exchange between the expose liquid within an expose duct, located within the attic, and the expose within the junkie crapper be minimized by insulating the inside opencast of the roof. What this does is to effectively make the combined inland of the house and the attic digit single insulated volume.

Diffusion is the transport of forcefulness that does not involve the shitting of matter. For example, modify crapper be transported from the inland of a house to the right environment finished the walls and roof even if there were no gaps nearby the pane sills or doors. The transport of forcefulness finished the walls of a scheme is not attended by the transport of matter, making it an warning of diffusion.

The evaluate at which forcefulness is transported finished the walls and roof depends upon the temperature difference between the inland of the scheme and the right environment as substantially as a quantity called the energy resistance or R-value.

Therefore, an insulator having a high R-value module supports to maintain the temperature within the inland of the home. Polyurethane spray foam has digit of highest energy resistances of any detachment with an R-value of between 5.6 and 8 per inch of thickness.

As we have seen, polyurethane spray foam detachment crapper manage with both of the two primary physical mechanisms by which a house crapper lose energy forcefulness to the right environment during the winter and absorb energy forcefulness from the right environment during the summer. In particular, it is able to turn the evaluate at which modify is transported finished the walls and roof while simultaneously preventing expose currents from transporting modify finished diminutive gaps nearby windowsills and doorframes.

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