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By: Kelley Mills
With stocks off more than 13% from their highs and daily fluctuations of three percent not uncommon, it's natural for investors to search for a strategy that won't leave them in the poor house. Television pundits are quick to offer their hottest buy and sell recommendations; however these individual investments are doomed to failure if used without a reliable strategy. It doesn't matter how good you are at stock picking if you don't have a good strategy for buying and selling. More than 14,650 people have viewed this article so far and learned how these two strategies can help them make money. There is nothing to buy, just read the article and learn how to better manage your investments.

Investors are bombarded daily with whatever strategy happens to work given the current environment. The newest gimmick is what sells on TV and in the financial news but it won't make you money in the long run. This article will give you two strategies, each one works best for different types of investors. One strategy works best for the investor that wants to invest their money and not have to spend all day analyzing stocks. If you prefer lower risk with reasonable rewards, then this is the strategy for you. The second strategy is for those investors that need the thrill of the market but understand the need for a goal-driven and diversified portfolio. If you like taking an active part in your portfolio, but don't want to lose your money to the jokers on Wall Street, this is the strategy for you.

The last strategy is one in which many investors, myself include, would like to believe but will only leave you broke and wondering why. What is so dangerous about this strategy is that it seems so easy and reasonable. This article will show you proof that this strategy does not work and how to avoid it but you have to click on the link to read the full article.

The hard fact is that most of us do a break-even job, at best, of beating the market on a regular basis. Even professional money managers don't beat the market year after year. This strategy will show you how to invest part of your money in safe investments and use the rest to increase your returns.

Cash-Secured Put Writing
This is one of my favorite strategies to beat buy-and-hold investing. It's buy-and-hold, but with a twist. The article will show you how to use this strategy to lower your risk and collect extra money up front.

"Buy-low, Sell-high"
This is the most dangerous investing scheme out there. It sounds good, but how do you know when the price is 'low' or when it is too high? Believe me, I've tried about every way to make this strategy work to no avail.

Just click through to the full article to read how you can use the two proven strategies and avoid the third deadbeat strategy. The article will cover each strategy in detail and provide an example to follow. There is nothing to buy, period. Just read the article. I have over 80 other articles on the site and more than 225,000 people have read them to find out how to better invest their money.
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