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By: Noel James
During the year 1840 the British public first switched to utilize postage stamps to ship mail and the Penny Black stamp became a familiar face. Before the stamp was placed into service any kind of mail rates ended up being paid for by the mail recipient. The introduction of the Penny Black heralded the birth of the vast and prosperous post system that functions in the United Kingdom today. So what other fascinating particulars do we know regarding the Penny Black? Also is the stamp as rare as most folks believe?

From the mid 1800s the British Isles desperately needed to rethink its post procedure because there were no standard system of charges and practices in place. It was suggested that a nationwide pricing model and method of delivering be launched. A design competition to make the brand new postal stamp for this system didn't supply one thing that the authorities believed was suitable. Considering that deadlines were restricted for delivering a unique postage stamp design the Penny Black was speedily established utilising an image of the reigning monarch. And that's how the Penny Black began.

On a Penny Black stamp you will not solely discover only a image of the ruling monarch Queen Victoria. The stamp has the phrase ‘One Penny’ that indicates just how much the sender has paid in advance to deliver the post. There are furthermore a couple of letters in the bottom right and left hand edges of the Penny Black stamp. These differ from postage stamp to postage stamp. These letters reveal the exact position of every stamp on the printing sheet.

It is a lesser known fact that the Penny Black was solely used in the mail system in the British Isles for just over 1 year. The reason thanks to its short life is basically because of its coloration. After a Penny Black entered the mail system it had to be stamped using a cancellation mark to show that it should no longer be utilised. This cancellation mark was similarly black and obviously was very difficult to view on the Penny Black stamp. Therefore a Penny Black postage stamp could possibly be used a few occasions on correspondence.

The Penny Black postage stamp was taken off the market and replaced with the Penny Red postage stamp considering that the cancellation mark could be much more quickly recognised on the red background. Despite the fact that the Penny Black was only in circulation for only a year many postage stamps were published. Right now you will find literally thousands of Penny Black postage stamps freely available from stamp dealers across the world. Since it is so easily available the Penny Black is subsequently not a rare postage stamp. It nevertheless even now stays extremely desirable to collect.

The without a doubt one of the most sought after postage stamps in the world today. Check out a seriously outstanding selection of postage stamps on the GB Specialist web site.

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