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• 1- First the area where the implant will be done is to be accessed. Implant will be done then and there provided you have a healthy jaws and bones.

• 2- In second steps, titanium stud is implanted in the bone.

• Sometimes dental implants are taken place in a day where just the teeth are pulled out and implants placed and attached. However, at this stage teeth are not so strong to chew anything tougher than pasta.

• After 5 months when titanium tooth implants has settled well and bone has grown around it is time for permanent crowns. Sometimes in critical cases of dental implant few teeth to be replaced then it is desirable not to chew at that time. Moreover if you will go for total implant restoration then you need to be very careful about your eating.

• In second instance a partial denture will be worn until they open the gums and attach the abutment and then again for a short period of time you need to wear your denture and after 6 months you will get a perfect smile. Moreover, the partial dental implants are so neat and clean you can hardly find it as temporary.

• Budget

• The best dental implants are from Branemark made from Sweden and there is a low rate of failure. Today you can find a lot of cheap brand in the market and it is very difficult to predict regarding their goodness. Dental implant cost varies from dentist to dentist. A Branemark implant can be done with a cost of $3500.

• The dental implant procedure can be done within 2-6 months depending upon your quality and density of your jaw bone receiving the implant.
Moreover, costs can be varied in between $1500-$5000 depending upon which area you reside in. I east and west region it costs around $5000 per dental implant but areas in Midwest and south it varies from $700-$1000. It is true that you will get what you pay and the same case in dental implant also.

• The best value of dental implant you can find in dental colleges.

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