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By: Jillian Michaels
Obesity and overweight is a common disease among innumerable adults worldwide. Research suggests that nearly 45% of Americans are suffering from the problems associated with obesity. If you are one of those people who have tried several weight loss diet plans but have not got the desired results it is time to seriously review your diet program.
• Eat more vegetables:
Including more vegetables in your daily diet is one of the best natural weight loss methods. Research suggests that vegetables help you to lose weight in quick time than any other weight loss products. In addition, including plenty of vegetables in your diet has several other health benefits - it improves your immunity levels and increases your stamina levels. Besides, there is no risk of side effects. The best thing about eating vegetables is that they have all the essential nutrients including minerals and vitamins that you need to lose weight. Several expert dieticians suggests a vegetable rich diet to overweight patients mainly because, vegetables makes you feel full for long time and you eat less afterward.
• Avoid Junk food:
Junk food or fast food is one of the major contributing factors for obesity among large number of people. It is startling to know that a large number of kids are addicted to junk food and consequently they become victims of obesity at a very young age. Junk food contains harmful fat contents and when you eat junk food through the day, the fat gets accumulated in your body and over a period your body becomes bulky, which in turn leads to several health complications. Junk foods like pizzas, burgers, fries and aerated drinks contain sugar that is detrimental to your health. Instead of eating junk food, it is advisable you prepare your own weight loss recipes at home. The major advantage of preparing your meal is that not only do you have control over the ingredients you use but also it would help you move towards your weight loss goal.
• Manage your stress:
Daily life stress is one of the prime reasons why people gain weight. The daily life stress gets accumulated in your body and leads to several diseases. Weight loss experts suggest that people who are stressed find it difficult to lose weight. This is because the stress leads to fat accumulation in the body and since you are stressed your body doesn’t feel relaxed. This is turn prevents the metabolism of the accumulated fats. Enrolling in a stress management program will greatly compliment your weight management plan.
• Exercise:
Weight loss Diet plans are incomplete without exercise. You must compliment your diet program with proper and regular exercise. Exercise is a crucial element of weight loss program; you need to exercise for 40 – 45 minutes every day. It is not necessary to do intensive or heavy weight lifting, but simple exercises like brisk walking, jogging, skipping, aerobics or swimming can go a long way in making your weight loss program a success.
Thus, by following the above diet plan you can be sure to shed your excessive fat and have a lean and fit body.

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